Europe/Walk The Earth(2017)


Europe has once again delivered a knock out punch to Jovi in the first round! While Jon Bon goes Bonkers on putting out albums that no one care’s about anymore. These guys Europe don’t dick around and get to the point with the opening track and title of current release Walk On Earth that features a mashup of Zeppelin/Deep Purple riffs and keyboards but fret not folks Guitarist John Norum is heard loud n clear.

Now don’t get crazy as I have said in my previous Europe reviews that keys fella Mic Micheali lays down a ton of cool keys as he doesn’t subtract from the guitar he just adds to the song. Mic knows what he’s doing and I thank you sir for that!

Once again Dave Cobb handles the production  on the album that was recorded at Abbey Roads Studio in England.

Ringleader and Vocalist Joey Tempest over time has become a great vocalist and good song craftsman and by from what I read this is a real band effort. The Siege the second song in rips your noggin apart and is even more of a straight ahead rock track with a quicker tempo than the opening track(Walk The Earth) Norum and his solo will rip your head apart!

Pictures has the distinction of being the slowest tune on the album tempo wise! But if your thinking of another Carrie like snooze fest guess again. The boys almost go with a Bowie like feel with this track and tell Carrie not to let the door hit yer ass on the way out!

Europe change thing up on the musical horizon with Wolves a song(about a whistleblower) I have  never heard these guys play like this before. Wolves creeps along with a groove and almost trippy like lead vocals. Norum blazes a distorted out rock solo that is brilliant.

GTO is just a straight forward Deep Purple track that has drummer Ian Haughland propelling the band forward. Have to say that this dude Ian lays down some solid grooves throughout and keeping him in check is bassist John Leven.

The next two tracks Haze and Whenever Your Ready keep the pace moving along quickly. Europe man as they get older are rocking harder. It just boggles my mind how good they have gotten from album to album. There last studio War of Kings is very good.

The album ends with Turn To Dust which to me is one of those end of the album GEMS! Its got all the trimmings of a heavy prog delight. Massive Drums/Massive Keys and Massive Guitars with a great pace to the tune. Turn To Dust is a great song period. Better  yet the first time I heard it the song ended abruptly and I thought “iTunes WTF!” but about 5 seconds later a hidden track starts that lasts about 20 seconds and is hilarious! Good to see a sense of humour amongst these guys! That’s all I’m saying!

Europe 2017 has once again stepped up and delivered a solid studio effort that is well worth your time. Besides it’s the same 5 guys so there’s that continuity and it shows on this album….

John Norums smokes the fretboard on this release and he’s a big factor in my wanting to hear current Europe albums. Actually the whole band steps up and proves without a doubt that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with!

9 thoughts on “Europe/Walk The Earth(2017)”

  1. Man… this sounds pretty great. I have to admit, Europe is a band that I completely ignored. Figured they were a big 80s pop band not worth the trouble. Only interest I had in them came from that Joey Tempest thing… I never considered that they might actually be pretty good!

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