Black Sabbath-The End: Live In Birmingham(2017)


So Black Sabbath has closed up shop and you know what? I kinda believe them as Ozzy is out there back doing his solo thing and it sounds like that’s going to  take up the next few years anyways BUT with any artist saying they are retiring could be a big bunch of B.S!

Time will Time…

Ozzy along with Tony Iommi/Geezer Butler / Tommy Clufetos and Adam Wakeman have documented their last ever show together as Sabbath this past February back where it all started. (Birmingham  England)

The End album is the end result from Sabbath which is a 17 song set that entails basically the bands whole Ozzy fronted  career.

From opening track Black Sabbath right through to the last  tune Paranoid and all points in between the Sabs lay down that doom n gloom stomp like hammer to the head that these guys are known for!

Course there is the obvious tracks like War Pigs/N.I.B/Children of the Grave and Fairies Wear Boots ( love the drumming by Tommy on this track)

The Ol Buzzards though play some cool different tracks like Hand of Doom/Dirty Woman/Behind The Wall of Sleep and a cool version of Under The Sun/Everyday Comes and Goes.

The standout track for me on all of this is After Forever. I always loved how they fused those Happy like riffs that begin on a track and within a millisecond were all onboard the bus driven by Ozzy going straight to HELL! The verses on this song are so wicked and I just the love the groove … Hey BMellis! Put your toast and coffee down and crank this as the video is posted at the top! Update: they yanked the video  in its place is War Pigs

The musicianship on The End is brilliant. The production is left a little raw so kudos to the boys for not polishing it up in the studio! Iommi plays likes there’s no tomorrow while Butlers bass is jacked up on this album and him and Iommi more than once lock into those dual like Bass/Guitar riffs and all bets are off!

At some  points on this album you can hear Wakeman adding some rhythm guitar behind Iommi’s brilliant solo’s of doom which is alright and at least they credit him as such!

Clufetos drumming is excellent as well.  I know people are going to go no Bill Ward blah blah blah. I get it but it is what it is. You want Sabbath or no Sabbath.

Sure Bill is missed and I totally enjoyed his drumming once I dug deep into the Sabbath catalogue and reviewed those 8 Bill driven albums before the whole Vancouver debacle of a Ozzy no-show back in March 2016! The song Never Say Die from said album is one of my fav Ward drumming tracks as Bill swings it like a jazz drummer trying to kick down  the Gates of Hell!

Ozzy well ,is he singing live or did the studio Wizard do his magic? Dunno and quite frankly at this stage of the game who cares! I do like the fact that Ozzy isn’t cussing his brains out like he did on live albums like his solo Live And Loud double release  from 92 where after each verse it was a ‘go F’ing crazy’ over and over. If  you are there live  its a hoot. To own a copy of it gets tiring   after a while….

Still though Ozzman sounds vocally good here! And whether its live or Memorex (HA! Been wanting to use that line for months now! Anyone remember?) It’s just great to hear some loud Sabbath Rock!

Overall this is a great live album and when it was released back on November 17th it came out the same day as the mighty Iron Maidens  Live Chapter!

Now how’s that for a couple of heavyweight releases!

Get This!


30 thoughts on “Black Sabbath-The End: Live In Birmingham(2017)”

  1. I will agree with your assessment. I have streamed it a couple times and it sounds great. I will eventually pick it up, but have to hold off now with Christmas around the corner. The family needs something to buy me.

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  2. This sounds pretty good. I’d seen an image from that gig and that drum kit is quite something. Surprised you can hear anything else over it!

    Maybe Ozzy can hook up with the chaps from Zakk Sabbath given that both have come to an end. That’d be good!

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    1. Well Oz is back with Zakk so who knows right….some one at work asked me if I would be interested in seeing Ozzy solo…
      My answer was I don’t trust him showing up hahaha…
      When I last seen OZZY in 1992 that was the Farewell Tour or so we believed !


      1. That band sounded ace… really heavy… so maybe there’s an opportunity to bring those guys together. Ozzy will never go away… I don’t believe any musician who says game’s up (recording or live)… it’s music… it’s in the blood!


  3. Hopefully I will get this for Xmas. Not that I think Sabbath needed a live album of this — I just want a complete collection.

    For a final concert I think they should have had guests…Tony Martin etc and celebrate the ENTIRE history of Black Sabbath. Not that Sharon would have allowed it.


      1. I think I’m going to write a piece on all the forgotten eras of Sabbath. It’s clear that while they are forgotten by the general public, there are fans out there who recognise that tunes like Headless Cross are awesome.

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      2. I’m sure there are Mikey. Even back than unfortunately Sabbath became one of those revolving door bands of members coming and going but Iommi when he had Powell and Murray that was a great rhythm section


  4. Ozzy’s sounds better here than he does on
    Live…Gathered in their Masses from 2013

    And there was a third awesome live album released on November the 17th, ELO’s Wembley or Bust


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