Traveling Wilburys: Vol 1(1988)

How about this Supergroup calling themselves the Traveling Wilburys featuring 5 Wilbury Brothers who go by the names of Nelson/Lefty/Otis/Charlie T and Lucky.

Or was we know them ….George Harrison/Jeff Lynne/Bob Dylan/Roy Orbison/Tom Petty.

Seriously some heavy hitters in the music biz listed above folk’s!

October 1988 out comes leadoff single Handle With Care and man this song hooked me as I was buying up everything not just Metal but if it was a good song so what the Genre was…

Mind you I thought the George Harrison album Cloud Nine was pretty decent and George was on top literally with Cloud Nine with When We Was Fab which was great song with a pretty slick video to go along with it . So when the Wiburys hit the retail shelves in 88 this was a no brainer pickup.

Vol 1 is 10 tracks featuring just straight ahead easy rock. Nothing calculated. Just soundS like 5 friends getting together and kicking out some mellow jams!

One of the interesting tracks is Tweeter &The Monkey Man  written by Dylan but submitted and credited to all the Wilburys. You gotta love this track as through all the mellowness it’s a tune about Cocaine/Hash/Dirty Cop and a sister named Jan!

23 thoughts on “Traveling Wilburys: Vol 1(1988)”

    1. Me and Tbone were talking about that last night and like Tbone says…”You think that its a Headstones Song not a Wilburys track…”

      Having said that about covers Hugh and Crew toss down a wicked cover of Abba’s S.O.S as well!


  1. I thought all of the Wilburys songs were written & arranged collectively, with the main writer handling lead vocals. I wonder if “Tweeter…” was something Dylan had already written before the group came together. My understanding is that he was writing a tongue-in-cheek homage to Bruce Springsteen, and he nailed it. What a perfect album and it holds up nearly 30 years (yikes!) later.

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