Collective Soul:Live (2017)


Tbone right away latched onto these guys  back in 1994 when Atlanta’s own Collective Soul released their debut album Hints,Allegations and Things Left Unsaid. 

Course we were all taken aback with the huge rock track Shine which was everywhere on radio and video which I believe main songwriter/lead vocalist/guitarist Ed Roland recorded ‘Hints’ in his own basement in hopes of getting a publishing deal…

Well Shine took off and viola Collective Soul is the name of the band and delivering some feel good music is the game. (Yeah that last line was pathetic)

It was 1995’s self titled Collective Soul album that I thought was a classic in itself and someday I need to show it a review but for now in the year 2017 Collective Soul has recorded a bunch of shows and have released a Fantastic Live Album!

First of all kudos to fellow blogger John T Snow  who every Friday posts that weeks new releases which is great as I had no idea this was out and if were keeping score Mr Snow hails from Atlanta the same backyard as Collective Soul!

Thanks John for the heads up!

It was a quick click to iTunes and another quick click to purchase this live album! I love me Live Albums!

Ed and the Soul’s open the show with Heavy and right off the bat you’ll hear the guitars have that nice raw rocking live sound so from an audio standpoint this is a well mixed album.

18 tracks are featured and tons you would know about the amount they get played on Rock Radio. Gel/Why(Part 2)/December/Counting The Days/Precious Declaration and my personal fav that was a non single Where The River Flows are great well written tracks! A new track played live is included at the end of the album titled Right As Rain is a pretty decent track perhaps showing where these guys are headed on their next studio record!

These guys can play and Ed delivers the songs vocally. Collective Soul are a talented bunch and know that their meal deal is in just simple straight ahead delivered rock! In other words they know their niche!

Collective Soul is not reinventing the Rock Wheel just adding to it with classic tracks and hey this set proves just that as many of these were released as singles! In other words main songwriter Ed Roland knows what his bread and butter is!

Now saying that many of these songs were singles they cut across live with more “ooomph” than the studio albums they originated on. Case in point Listen  is sped up a bit in tempo and while the studio track is a great version ,live it has that tendency to kick a  little more ass!

That band behind Ed featuring his brother Dean(guitar) and Jessie Triplett on guitars are great players with each one’s guitar mixed to the left and right side when your listening on headphones.  Johnny Rabb(drums) and Will Turpin(bass) keep the bottom end moving forward…

Give Ed Roland credit! Considering out of the 18 songs here and your two biggest hits Shine and Gel are tracks  6 & 9 on this release you know they have a huge catalogue of tracks to draw from!

I know I bash on unplugged tunes as I had my fill of them but when Collective Soul goes all acoustic on She Said  it is is Pure Brilliance! Just two acoustic guitars and Ed’s voice. Seriously it is so good! (Did I just type that?!)

Overall,a real decent Live album one in which I had no idea was coming out and kudos to these guys for just blasting some good ol fashioned hard rock done the catchy way!

Get this!


23 thoughts on “Collective Soul:Live (2017)”

  1. Thanks for the shout out!! And yes, I am originally from Atlanta although no longer there. Collective Soul is one of my personal faves. I have all their albums. And you are dead on with them not recreating the “rock wheel”. They stay pretty consistent from one album to the next and don’t venture very far. What you hear is what you expect and sometimes there is nothing wrong with that.


  2. This on showed up in my recommendations from Apple Music. I’ve always liked Collective Soul even though I’m not as familiar with their new stuff. This album is great and they sound amazing live. I know gel and shine may have brought them success, but they are probably my least favourite. Gel is so 90’s cheese rock it bothers me. But you listen to songs live heavy, she said or December and you realize how great they really are.

    Good review!

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    1. Thanks Dude and thanks for dropping by the site! Gel is cheesy but you know what? I dig this kind of cheese esp the live version as these guys take it up a notch!


  3. I had no idea these guys are still around! They always been a little hit or miss with me. I love Gel. I bought the Jerky Boys soundtrack back in the day just to get it! Then I think they released it on one of their albums later.

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  4. Nice call on the strength of that self titled blue album (probably the 2nd best self titled blue album of the 90s after weezer!) – Gel was my gateway. I still play December on the guitar every so often, it’s a really nice guitar intro!

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  5. Been seeing a few things about Collective Soul over the last few weeks, which is pretty incredible given I had completely forgot all about them. Anyhoo, this sounds like another pretty splendid live release for you, Deke!

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  6. I wanted to like these guys more than I did. I was mostly into the second album (with the blue cover) but I always had this sense that they were a subversive Christian rock act. I have no idea if this is true, but thinking that changed the way I heard what they were saying. No doubt they can play, though, and they had/have a knack for gigantic indelible riffs!

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    1. The general concenus sounds like we all have the blue cover album!
      Never viewed them as a Christian Rock act though. Perhaps I dunno though..
      Interesting but I hear them as just rock tracks…


      1. Creed was another band that was wrongly thought to be Christian Rock. I think because of the band name.

        I have found that rumors are usually just that.
        Christian Rock bands do not try and.preach secretly.
        They have crosses all over the album,.and constantly praise god in the lyrics and credits.

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  7. I saw them live this past summer with OLP, Treble Charger and Soul Asylum.

    I liked the fest a lot more than I thought I would, and the Collective Soul boys were great.
    I pulled out the old cd’s and really dug them.

    I think “heaven let your light shine down” lyric in their first hit is what got people wrongly assuming they were a Christian Rock act.


    1. Wow theres a throwback show if there ever was one! CS is a good band. Geoff said it best you kinda forget about em and than when u hear them or in your case see em its like yeah yeah…

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      1. When I knew I was going to that show, I dug out the old stuff from those bands as I said.
        I actually got into them deeper than back in the day. The guitar especially resonated.
        I was on the fence about a Collective Soul post, but I think I’ll do one too.
        Let me know if you want to do a collaboration.

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