Queen: Innuendo(1991)

My Queen collection is patchy at best! Having said that Queen Rocks Montreal and especially 1980’s The Game are albums I love but it was cool to get into Innuendo as both myself and my daughter Lexie both love it.

Speaking of which I really like this cover and colour scheme used…

Speaking of Lexie it was along with her twin sister Lauren who were both in the High School Production of We Will Rock You that I hadn’t  heard tracks from this album in a long  time! The title track Innuendo and Headlong were both featured in the play. This of course piqued my curiosity!

So this past Christmas(2017) there was Innuendo under the tree and it was a quick trip to the turntable…..

Queen in 1991 had signed a new record deal and things were on the up an up but of course behind the scenes Lead Singer Freddie Mercury was very sick but by his vocal performance here you would have never known!

Innuendo the title track opens the album and it’s what you would expect from these guys! This is a Queen and Zeppelin Mashup of Kashmir. Big drums/Epic Guitars and Fred delivers it in spades as you know he would! This song is easily one of my fav’s in the Queen catalogue as here is Queen almost all but forgotten in North America as the early 90s rolled in but Fred/Brian May/John Deacon/Roger Taylor put a stamp er I mean STOMP and set off with this epic over 6 minute track.

I’m Going Slightly Mad shifts gears and it’s almost new wavy 80’s synth n slide which is an exact opposite of the bombastic opener of Innuendo but then again Queen never played by the rules now did they. This tune sounds like programmed drums but does feature a real cool slide guitar solo by Brian May.

Headlong is a quick hit a run number as when Fred opens his mouth your hooked by the catchiness of his voice. The music just takes it to another level. Real cool power riffs courtesy of May! Great harmonies it’s all here in this track!

Back to a mid 80’s like vibe with I Can’t Live With You. Mid tempo track. May as he does on many Queen tracks lifts off with the solo along with some nifty keyboard work as well.

Ride The Wild Wind to me sounds like electric drums playing in double time. The sound of this track reminds  me of that TV Show Miami Vice!?? I just has that vibe of a mid 80’s TV song but the solo on this track is wicked good. So for all the techno trappings Queen at times would immerse themselves Brian May would deliver knockout solo’s!

Big time Choir like vocals are featured on All God’s People and is once again a different sounding tune. Too be honest a little to left field for me. It’s an interesting  song to say the least.

These are the Days of our Lives is chill like Queen and the quiet music vibe with Fred’s voice carries this song.

Ha …Fred sings about the joys of his life and that’s his cat named Delilah. I did read there was some arm bending by some to get this song on this album. Its Quirky Queen perhaps showing a side of them that everything doesn’t need to be taken seriously all the friggin time…

Don’t Try So Hard is your Queen prototype ballad track. Start slow and build it up and have the big dynamic chorus or in these guys case the word Bombastic needs to be applied here.

Love this next song and watch yourself as The Hitman  wants your life! Queen digs into a  deep sleaze like riff but it features a few breakdowns and a few ramps up with an added dose of those big vocals. Tons of riffing and Queen smashing around all kinds of sonics and Frigg thanks Fred for still kicking ass as your health wasn’t the best.

After the Hitman takes you out it’s onto Bijou which is very mellow but what fantastic guitar riffing throughout this song.

Innuendo ends with a big sonic sendoff and that would be The Show Must Go Own. I hate to use the term ballad with these guys as Queen changed there dynamics around so much that ‘Ballad’ doesnt need not apply here.  Kind of a fitting send off after what would happen in November of 1991.

Why the Hell did it take me 26 years to get into Innuendo?  Thanks to my daughters play and the opening tune being Innuendo it had me hooked. Another reason would be as I had stated earlier that my purchasing curve was scattered throughout Queens tenure. After the brilliant The Game I did not buy another Queen album  till 1988’s The Miracle on cassette no less! The Miracle I purchased on the strength of the song I Want It All and  that song hooked me in with May’s power chords and catchy chorus. To be honest I actually like to this day  Khashoggi’s Ship better than I Want It All. Still though it must be said that Fred battling Aids and being sick still put out a wicked effort vocally on this album. The Show Indeed does go on!



26 thoughts on “Queen: Innuendo(1991)”

  1. Great review, Deke. I had this one on cassette way back when… got it as part of the Britannia Music Club with some GNR and some other stuff that I can’t remember. Anyhoo, I used to like this a whole bunch… then I got on board the alternative rock train and discarded my Queen cassettes. It’s an interesting album when you consider Mercury’s health and what was happening in music at the time.

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    1. Thats for sure…1991 and theres Queen hanging around getting past HairMetal and to have the ultimate bounce back during Grunge Year 92 due to a Goofball movie was unreal.
      Things happen for a reason though…
      Party on Garth!

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      1. That they do, Deke… looking back, Wayne’s World was a like a parting love letter to an era. Or maybe a ‘don’t forget me’? Alternative rock taking over and here’s these dudes who are worshipping Aerosmith and turning a whole generation onto Bohemian Rhapsody. Magic.


    1. Yes I see on my vinyl copy they do have in print the tracks that they had to edit but that there is double vinyl out now of innuendo that features everything unedited…
      Cool I will check out your blog….

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      1. I didn’t realise that the vinyl version was shorter – so it didn’t cut out any tracks, just shortened some? I think I’d like an 8 song version better – cut out stuff like ‘Delilah’ and ‘Don’t Try So Hard’ to b-sides, and it’s a very good album.


  2. Headlong is one of my favourite songs. We took our youngest (the queen fan) to see the Magnus production of We Will Rock You and we all really enjoyed it. Its nice to hear that other people raise their kids right on good classic rock.

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  3. I’m glad it didn’t take me 26 years to get into Innuendo. It’s one of my favourite Queen albums.

    FYI – Bijou is designed to be an “inverse” of a song — the guitar solos are the choruses, and the vocals are where the guitar solo would be.

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    1. Well there ya go Kids …
      Ladano just gave us updated Innuendo inside information!
      Never knew any of this as I basically spun the album few times and jotted a few things down….
      Thanks for sharing Mikey!

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    1. Considering Queen gave up touring North America by 1982 a lot if us missed out on the original 4!
      If I had a time machine I would go back and hang around The Game Tour 1980!

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    1. Big time production Geoff…All live… the kids that stepped up musically and visually was unbelievable!
      The girls practiced everyday starting in October of 2016 for a hour n a half everyday M-F until month before when weekends were added…
      it was a huge commitment but they all showed up and Rocked It!
      Told the young fella that was playing May’s licks that he learned them well and did a great job!
      He looked at me like I had two heads…hahaha

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      1. Two fella’s on the electrics and they were all phenomenal. Went to two of the schools 5 productions but at one of the performances we sat almost directly inferno of the band that was off to the side and I remember the kid that playing Mays solos his guitar or something crapped out and he just looked and the other kid who was playing rhythms just nodded and took over the leads for a few tunes until the other kids rig was back working…
        It was so smooth that if I hadn’t been sitting right up infront of them I would have never noticed…
        Thats how good they were!

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  4. Nice one, I haven’t owned this for many years. I remember thinking it was a bit patchy at the time – I always loved the title track and ‘Mad’ a lot though. I need to buy this and Miracle on vinyl sometime soon!

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  5. This album has four of my favorite Queen tunes. Innuendo, Show Must Go On, Headlong, and I’m Going Slightly Mad. Yet, I have never listened to the album. I had these all on greatest his compilations instead.

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