A Little Ditty ’bout…

Ha…and you thought I was heading down John Cougar Mellancamp avenue didn’t ya with the title to this post right?

No where near that but instead heading down Sunset and Vine with two Fella’s who had a real good run of albums in the 80’s yet when they were almost ready to make the plunge from opening act into headliner status the roof  caved in and  no one survived the silliness and pissy pants that ensued between Don Dokken & George Lynch which was a real shame as here I am 30 years later basically telling you all that Dokken & RATT made some fine albums while others may have sold more (not naming names)  but made not so good albums back in the roaring 80’s!

But here we are in 2018 and time heals all wounds or kinda I suppose as the piss n vinegar relationship between these two has quieted down as last year Dokken reunited for a few shows with the original guys that being Dokken/Lynch/Jeff Pilson/Mick Brown  for some Japanese shows that were recorded and will be released this upcoming April!

Don though still tours as Dokken but with some different cats than the original Dokken dudes while George is the Mike Portnoy of Guitars by being in about 35 different bands but make no mistake when George showed up to the yearly NAMM schmooze fest of music gear and what nots.  Guys get onstage and jam and  its good to see Don up there doing his metal Pat Boone crooning while George absolutely wails on the 6 string telling people he’s still boss!

If you watch the video’s posted above it features Don’s current guitarist named Ira Black who basically decides to do the solos with George. Not going to knock Ira too much as he can play but Fuck man Lynch the master is up there. Thats his solo chill out,( quit trying to out duel George as he will have you Lynch Mobbed!

Kind of douche move if you ask me as even Don intros George right before the solo…not on one but the two songs they jammed. That being Kiss of Death and Tooth and Nail.

Dokken the original band  I would go see them if they came through my neck of the woods as Lynch is still the deal….



27 thoughts on “A Little Ditty ’bout…”

      1. Do you think the fact that they all seem to team up without Don tell you anything about who might be the problem in the band? LOL

        Yeah I have completely lost track of who Don is playing with. For a while all he had was Wild Mick…and then no Wild Mick…

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      2. I think theres a ton of drama and I bet a ton of unresolved issues between the four especially George and Don.
        Shame they never got to the next level but thats there damn fault….

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      3. Well said man. It was their own fault. They had the world by the balls and they were poised to be huge after Back for the Attack. And I really do think that’s their best album. I think they peaked and then blew it!

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      4. Yup…they would have been headliners rolling into 1989 by than as BFTA is there finest work….
        I’m sure the sales of Up From The Ashes and Lynch Mob debut combined didn’t come close to the sales of BFTA..
        That right there is the tell tale sign one guy couldn’t do it without the other….
        But back than it was snowing out to much for them to notice that…


  1. “the roof  caved in and  no one survived the silliness and pissy pants that ensued”. Loved that… it could apply to so many bands, eh?

    I’ve only recently been getting into a wee bit of Dokken… a bit too slick in places, but some really great songs.

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    1. Thanks J!
      Well Dokken was tailor made for North America in the hard rock sound in the 80’s….
      I can see where your coming from in the ‘slick’ comment. They had there spots of slickness for sure but overall they had a real decent run of albums..one of the better acts out there for sure…

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