John Deacon

You know for me Bassist/Songwriter John Deacon(Queen) was an important part of the Queen sound! This fella had enormous talent and for all intent purposes I will focus on the one album of Deacons contributions that I do know about and that’s Queens brilliant 1980 release The Game.

The Game in my world to this day is still a game changer of epic proportions! Hell I discovered this album all on my own as a 13-year-old(back in 1980) as I had no older brother/sister to pooch music  from.

The Game going back to that time was a year before I discovered the drunken shambolic genius antics of Van Halen’s Women & Childern First album!

Deacon on The Game composed two tracks all on his own. One being of course Another One Bites The Dust which of course features that driving Bass Line that we all know. Amazing that the single alone sold 7 Million copies! Just the tune itself…Man just back up a Dumptruck filled with money to Deacons front yard….

Come to think of it this has to be one of the very first Bass driven tunes I had ever heard as a young fella….

Another One Bites The Dust was the song of course that made me purchase The Game. It also helped that I loved the look of the cover. Queen all decked out in their rock gear with a real cool looking slick silver cover with a black n white shot of the band in the middle. Simple yet very effective…

Deacon though wasn’t finished yet with this contributions to the Game album. Right after Another Bites The Dust finishes up here comes another John only written track and thats Need Your Loving. From the first time I heard it back in 1980 to now which is almost 37 years later Need Your loving is a quick little Two Minutes and Fifty seconds of pure hard pop bliss!

Brian May lays down a brilliant opening riff as Roger Taylor/Freddie Mercury and Deacon propel this tune in which I think is one of the best Queen tracks ever! Seriously yeah …

Need Your Loving is a pop ditty to perfection. Quick little ass kicker of a track. Nothing to prolonged don’t bore us get to the chorus and this song is a classic in my Noggin.

Amazing that once Fred died John Deacon just walked away from it never to return and for that which is pretty impressive as Queen still rolls on today ….

Deacon had a real knack for writing some brilliant tracks and his two contributions to The Game album are two of what I consider all time great’s in the Queen catalogue…


32 thoughts on “John Deacon”

    1. Great call HMO….
      Big time all 4 are solid songwriters…
      Would have liked to been a fly on the wall that day Fred showed up to the studio saying I wrote a track about my Cat!


      1. I only got it about 4 years ago. Wish I’d clicked to Queen earlier but it can’t be changed! Now that I know Queen, I know how classic The Game is, and even the cover is classic.

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      2. LOL between you and Scott spending all my money… 😉

        I love you guys but I’m an impulse buyer and it gets me in trouble.

        The other day I was talking to Rob Daniels and Jason Drury about an upcoming radio show. Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds (featuring Phil Lynott). I want to do the show but have never heard the album. So Amazon is sending me a copy. LOL. Total impulse and to get free shipping, I added Alice Cooper Easy Action.

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      3. Lynott is one of the vocalists on it…a mixture of singers and actors. But I have never heard it, just heard OF it. I figure I may as well use the show as an excuse and buy it! It was always hard to come by before but now it’s been reissued.


    1. Thanks for sharing…there’s a piece of me that wants to check out Hot Space as I never ever gave it a chance…!
      Crazy that this was the last tour for these guys in North America back in 82…

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  1. I had Queen Greatest Hits I & II on cassette when I was just getting into rock music. I was really impressed with the number of songs Deacon wrote that really spoke to me. You’re My Best Friend, I Want To Break Free, and the Miracle. He also wrote Spread Your Wings on News of The World. Solid stuff.

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    1. Well i’m sure he keeps an eye on the finances!
      But musically they asked him and he said MEH!
      Full out props for him on making that call!
      I’m sure its not easy to walk away from 50,000 people in stadiums stroking your ego…Deacon though can and did!

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