Preview-Dokken: Return To The East(2018)

Well Well Well…

Here comes those Four Fun Wacky Dudes known as Dokken. 

So the story goes and don’t quote me on this but from what I recall some Japanese Promoter offered a bunch of $$$ for the Original Dokken Fella’s to reunite and that would be Don Dokken/George Lynch/Mick Brown/Jeff Pilson.

Well this is as close to the original Dokken  as on the back cover of the first Dokken album Breaking The Chains it wasn’t Pilson on Bass but Juan Croucier who soon bolted from Dokken and hitched his ride with RATT!

Yeah I’m getting a little technical here but I gotta spit out the facts Folk’s!

Anyhoo so back in 2016 Dokken played One U.S show and recorded it and here it is in 2018! Return To The East is the name of the album which I guess can go along with the classic Double Live Album Dokken release from 1988 Unleashed In The East. Shortly after that release Dokken imploded and we all know why and what not but let bygones be bygones between Dapper Don and Curious George.^^

Money Talks….Bullshit Walks! (Kinda)

The Tracks are a Dokken Fan’s Wet Dream! On April 20th 2018 is when Return To The East hits the streets!

See Below….

Dokken Rhymes With Rokken!

01. It’s Another Day (new studio track)
02. Kiss Of Death
03. The Hunter
04. Unchain The Night
05. When Heaven Comes Down
06. Breakin’ The Chains
07. Into The Fire
08. Dream Warriors
09. Tooth And Nail
10. Alone Again (intro)
11. Alone Again
12. It’s Not Love
13. In My Dreams
14. Heaven Sent (acoustic studio bonus track)
15. Will The Sun Rise (acoustic studio bonus track)

Basically Greatest Hits Live album which is cool to see The Hunter on here. Would have been neat to seen Prisoner as well but Beggars cannot be chooser’s!

It will be real interesting to hear Don’s vocals as there a little left to be desired at this point. The music will be spot on so no surprise there…

Slick move to make the first track the New Studio track instead of putting it at the back-end of the album. Perhaps more people will listen to this newbie song to get to the classics!

Look forward to this Release as Dokken was on the better bands to come out of the 80’s as considering how much bickering and the dislike between George and Don there was they could still craft out classic rock tracks…

Good to see after 30 years after they all walked away from it as ego’s and dope blew their dance at superstardom  Dokken can all find common ground and put this out…

Oh yeah I forgot….Money Talks…I’m ok with it as long as the chops are there.

Preordered this on iTunes!

^^-Come to think of it Dokken did release back in 1996 Dysfunctional a reunion of the classic lineup of these fella’s. It was a quite a good album and they followed it up with Live Japan 95. Japan 95 had kinda of a rotten mix where Mick Browns drums sounded flat and such. The mix on it was sketchy as well but it was good to hear tunes from Dysfunctional like the super duper fantastic  Long Way From Home and The Maze.

Another  one was the acoustic One Live Night which was an unplugged album of hits so yeah this lineup has had live stuff out before but its still been over 22 years!

16 thoughts on “Preview-Dokken: Return To The East(2018)”

    1. The band does sound shit hot Scott….I don’t know if you watch the clip I posted but it does sound real good! Even Don…the new studio track snippet that was posted sounds like vintage Dokken,
      They should stop all these outside projects and just focus on one Dokken. Gets real silly after a while …

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They have been cordial now for a while. But its bizarre that the three guys not last named DOkken have formed a new band with a singer not named Don…
      Like these cats are pushing closer to 60 than 50 for Pete’s sake….

      Liked by 1 person

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