Metallica: Hardwired To Self Destruct(2016)


Man oh Man enough time has passed so I figure its time to review Metallica’s Hardwired To Self Destruct release. Just like it took me almost a year to review Iron Maiden’s Book of Souls release which had a ton of music also.

These two albums I just could not bang out a quickie(haha) review that is whereas  Ladano and Mr Books reviewed the Maiden album hours upon it’s release which fucking boggled my mind…..actually they may have banged out a quickie for Metallica as well or was that Zinger who smashed out a quick review….?

Ok…enough of the quickie stuff…Time for this shit to get real…


First of all this is a pretty damn good release on which I preordered this on iTunes before its street date and got the deluxe edition with the covers and the live show included. (26 Tunes Total on the Deluxe!)

This past Christmas my daughter Lexie gave to me the vinyl edition of Hardwired as a gift which was fantastic as with the vinyl the songs are spread out over two records and the lyrics/credits included. Pretty cool stuff….

So I’m sure everyone who follows this blog and knows the names of the Tallica guys that being James/Lars/Kirk & Robert. 

12 songs make up Hardwired and to be quite honest with everyone this album is a fantastic release! Even now 15 months after its initial release it’s still a strong album which borders on all kinds of heaviness and yet a times Metallica can take the gas off the pedal and let the sonics just soar keeping things heavy in a chill kinda way!

Opening track Hardwired has Metallica setting the bar high and telling us all as listeners that just because there pushing closer to age of 55 than 50 that they are not slowing down, Hetfield even goes  all cussing the F Bomb to get his point across while Lars just about strangles his drum kit to keep the pace going at full throttle…

From there Atlas Rise keeps the pace going and its one of the many tracks here that Metallica does all those wacky Metal Time Changes to keep it fresh and prove they still got the chops.

Now That Were Dead is safe to say that this is my favourite track on Hardwired. From the first time I heard it to now. I love the groove laid down by Lars and speaking of Lars I still get a kick out of people who say he’s slowed down a step or two on the drums!! Let’s get real folks to play at this clip his drumming is still top-notch. I’m no drummer boy but to my ears he’s still a force to be reckoned with!

Sorry for the rant! Now That Were Dead yeah it has all those trappings that I dig. Cool chorus and I live how the drums drive in the middle part of the song right before Kirks solo. just straight ahead drumming/no frills just a slick groove which reappears at the end of the song as well…

So F’in Good!

Moth Into Flame keeps the power riffs of Hetfield and Hammett going. See thats the thing I find impressive is that these guys deliver some real super-duper power riffs which at this stage of the game is impressive. Actually at the time of Hardwired’s release Lars did an interview on CBC Q Radio in which he described the writing process between him and James and he says this stuff does not come easy. You sit and Jam and hope something comes out. Hard work came to my mind and it’s true as we all sit in our comfy chairs in our slippers and listen to the final result of product which for us lasts an hour or so but the time artists like Metallica put into these epic 7 minute tunes just once again boggles my noggin!

Dream No More is another one of my fav’s as Metallica shifts gears into a slow like stomp and James tosses down a real cool creeper like slow drawl vocal on this tune. The chorus is fantastic and the money shot. Great solo by Hammett and some slick like Bass by Robert as well. Shifting gears but still being to able to kick you in the ass!

Metallica ramps up on Halo on Fire and flex once again their metal muscle and this song has a real catchy hook when James sings the line “Return To Sender…” super smooth delivery …

Confusion has Lars doing some snap crackle pop action on the snare and this is just a straight ahead rock track which could have easily slid on Side 2 of the Black album.

Metallica inner channel there best Iron Maiden for about the first 20 seconds of ManUNkind. James tosses down a real good vocal on this tune and a real decent solo courtesy of Kirk.

Here Comes Revenge starts off with the guitars doing some weird shit and then were off. More straight ahead Metallica. Great catchy chorus! Thats the thing people go Metallica has lost its step and such! I laugh at those ass hats that say that as Metallica cashes cheque after cheque ….

Am I Savage has Hammett playing a wicked solo basically attacking his fretboard. Metallica goes for the slow stomp and crawl vibe of this track which is good to see as you can be Heavy without going at a 180 mph all the friggin time!

Murder One is the tribute to the Late Lemmy from Motorhead! James rights real crafty lyrics to their fallen comrade. Another slow stomp of a track!

Spit Out The Bone is a Lars track! The Drum Dude sets the pace and James/Kirk just play all kinds of crazy over the top super riff’s while Lars tries to smash his snare drum into smithereens! For me this is the end of an album Gem! Pure and simple and Metallica messes with the senses as they once again  ramp up the speed and show everyone who Da Boss is!

The Deluxe Edition  features some real cool stuff like The Lords of Summer which was released a few Summers ago! A 4 song pack  Dio Tribute called Ronnie Rising Medley.

For good measure a Deep Purple cover(When a Blind Man Cries) as well a decent romp through Iron Maiden’s classic Remember Tomorrow.

The real score though is the 10 song Live show recorded April 2016 in San Fransisco. The boys just rip through songs only from the first two albums in Metallica’s career! (Kill Em All & Ride The Lightening) 

When I listen to this live portion it amazes me how youthful Metallica plays these tracks as at the time of these albums they were probably broke. Now that there millionaires they still can dial back into that youthful exuberance!

James man…listen to this live show on headphones as James Rhythm Guitar is on the Left Side and if you want a crash course in solid fret bending.Listen to the man! Plus when he sings The Four Horseman it’s like it’s 83 all over again!

Get the Deluxe if you have the chance. Worth the Dough!

Yup Hardwired is an excellent album! Look  So much so that this album was my Number 2 Fav-o album of 2016! Wolfchild & Duffster’s of The Cult’s excellent Hidden City album was what kept Metallica out of the Top Spot!



21 thoughts on “Metallica: Hardwired To Self Destruct(2016)”

    1. Thanks John!
      It’s a fantastic album. So much music and chops. It takes me awhile to grasp this long albums nowadays as I have to put the time in not like yesteryear when I had a ton of time on my hands…haha

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Fair enough as it is a massive amount of music. You really have to hand it tho these guys that they can still deliver at a high clip!


  1. Excellent write-up, Deke. I just loaded up the iTunes there to listen to this one and it seems I don’t have it. Was pretty sure I did. No matter, you’ve put me in the mood and I’m gonna play Master of Puppets! Yas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice J…Big Loud Geetars! I like the groove that they lay down now. I Know people go squirrelly over the change once the Black album came out but I was for it..
      They are band that will remain heavy but they will do it there way…fair enough they earned it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. First Metallica album I picked up was Load. On cassette. Was still the only album I’d heard until a pal threw all his CDs my way (up to St. Anger – which I didn’t like). I still really like Load, but I guess I wasn’t on board the Metallica train early on.


    1. You know what Kev it is worth the plunge for the extra tracks especially since I had none of the extras but the live portion is just sick! Metallica just stream rolls those old tunes…the guitars are mixed deadly. Hetfield is a beast on rhythm. A shame really no one really goes there with the guy as everyone is focused on Hammett and his Wah Pedal!


  2. I remember being really impressed with Lemmy when I read some of his quotes, praising George Harrison after Harrison died.
    And now I’m impressed with Hetfield and friends, for writing a tribute to Lemmy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh man I love this one. Your write-up is great, and your timing is perfect too – it has sent me back to hear it all over again as I read your post! For some reason I am reading faster than I usually do… hahaha!

    You may recall, this was my Album Of The Year for 2016, tied with Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker. I loved them both so much and for very different reasons. But yeah, this Metallica record absolutely kills and I still play it often. My kids love it in the car, though I try to skip the naughty words – my daughter’s only 6 and I don’t need notes home from the teacher that she’s told them “we’re so fucked, shit out of luck!” with the excuse that “well, Daddy plays it in the car on our way to school…oh man imagine…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha…thats awesome about the Daycare! hahaha….Imagine getting that phone call!
      See Hardwired dented some bloggers year end lists which is great thing!


    1. No No No you can stay. Its actually a good album as well! Did you ever here the demos for Death Magnetic that Metallica released? They are quite good almost better than the released product sound wise

      Liked by 1 person

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