Rock Candy Magazine Issue 6(Feb-March 2018)

So if you recall from my review a few months back I raved about Rock Candy Magazine out of the U.K. Come to think of it I have done a few Rock Candy reviews and why not its a Killer Magazine!

The best! The only one you need to read on the Genre!

When I posted about Issue 5 that had Ozzy & Randy Rhoads on the cover I said that each issue keeps getting better and better and there all great!

Guess What? Issue 6 is even better! Yup…Check out that cover Folk’s! Straight from Rock Candy photographer Mark Weiss. Cool thing is Mark explains the cover shot taken back in 1982 -1983 on Van Halen’s Hide Your Sheep Tour. Weiss adds that it was always a chore to get all four Halen guys for a photo.

Heck even Steve Vai is asked about his thoughts on what Van Halen meant to him and being Roth’s guitarist as well.

Ha check out the socks Ed’s wearing!!?? Where else would you see something like this other than a Rock Candy Cover!


Another jam-packed issue. I mean look at that cover. The artists listed right there would make a real good mix tape wouldn’t  you say back in the day?

The cover story on Van Halen is spread out over 14 pages. Including an interview with Noel Monk and Rock Candy writer Mick Wall writing about his encounters with David Lee Roth. Speaking of Mick Wall he details in great length the legendary U.S Festival back in 83!

Elsewhere its interviews with Stephen Pearcy on the rise and fall of RATT during the 80’s along with a in-depth feature on Cinderella with former manager Larry Mazer and Tom Keifer giving the low down on what happened with Cinderella!

Tom Allom talks about producing Judas Priest albums from the 1980s.

Micheal Schenker spouts off on a bunch of things including some more verbal shots at his brother Rudolf but also  talks about his past with MSG/Scorpions and UFO.

One of the coolest features is Marallion. Now I’m no big fan of their stuff but this was fascinating as they go into great detail on how they gave up at one point on major record  labels and financed things themselves with help of their fan base. It’s a great read on how to survive and you have to hand it to Marallion on how they went on about it,

Hanoi Rocks talks about why they broke up in 1985 and Micheal Monroe has some choice words for Motley Crue!

As I had mentioned in past reviews about this magazine a cool feature is when they interview Rush artist Hugh Syme in detail about the Hemispheres cover.

Once again another packed issue which is now available in the stores. If you dig the old school rock written by those wacky ex Kerranger’s pick up a copy!

Worth it…


20 thoughts on “Rock Candy Magazine Issue 6(Feb-March 2018)”

  1. I was out at the mall with the family and we passed Barnes & Noble store in the window on the magazine rack was the last issue of Rock Candy. I almost told them to stop to let me run in and grab a copy…I didn’t and regret it now.

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  2. I was one of the Marillion fans who supported their first crowd funded album. That’s why. Y name is inside Anoraknophobia! And Marbles too! At the time it was weird. Paying for an album that wasn’t even written. Yet now it’s normal.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thats awesome Mikey!
      It was a great interview read! Amazing how they just scrapped everything and started over and got the support of fans like you!
      Marallion should be teaching a Business class!
      Very impressive!

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      1. Here’s the cool thing. Once the crowd funding started to pay off the band said, “We have enough money that we can actually hire a producer now.” So they got Dave Meegan who produced two of their best albums Brave and Afraid of Sunlight. Meegan came in and did the new album and I think the quality of it doubled when he came in.

        Fans who pre-ordered like that got a special edition with a bonus CD that has never been reissued. One great track called Number One is only on that CD. They play it live but you can’t get the studio version now or ever again.

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      2. See..they know how to market themselves thats whats impressive. Help us out and we’ll toss u some rarities ….
        Smart guys..the article was a fascinating read

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