Impact Albums: Vandenberg(1982)


Your Friggin Rights this is an Impact album in my world!  Vandenberg dropped in my lap back in 1982 and here we are 36 years later and it once again dropped into my lap in 2018 and proves to me not that I didn’t need proving that the self titled debut album is indeed a pure form of brilliance in Rock Philosophy that a fella named Adrian Vandenberg could single handly write/perform/design the front cover even and craft a masterpiece of epic proportions

Decipher I shall!

Vandenberg put out such a stellar album  all 9 tracks kick into a whole other level that basically with this album became a determent to the other Vandenberg releases which followed.( I shall explain later)

You gotta first of all love the wacky names of these  Dutch guys. Along with Adrian you got Bert Heerink on vocals. Jos Zoomer on drums and the Greatest Bass Player name of all time…. Dick Kemper.

Yeah so when the needle hits the opening track Your Love Is In Vain the boys Vandenberg within the first 20 seconds flex their musical muscle and once Bert grabs that mic he’s taking charge telling the lady friend back off literally. Adrian torches and scorches the fretboard and Bam instant fan in moi…

From there its a display in fine workmanship as tracks like Back On My Feet Again/Ready For You/Too Late/Lost In The City deliver the hard rock in spades. All these cats in this band can play. That’s the thing that set Vandenberg apart from other new bands in the early 80s is that they all were strong players. No weak links at all…..

One of the best Vandenberg tunes on this record is Wait(Til The Shit Hits The Fan)  which  best exemplifies this band. After a quick crash course in what sounds like an ending of the song but at the beginning Adrian rips into a classical guitar piece that than morphs into a full-out electric binge. Than  ramps it up on the mid tempo pace that is so good even after all these years.

The boys in Vandenberg raided Tbiones closet fort this picture!The boys in Vandenberg raided Tbone’s closet for this picture!

Course in 1982 the term Power Ballad was trying to rear its ugly head and while bands that came down the pike in the late 80’s like Poison would basically suck the syrup out of anything remotely ballad  like Vandenberg had the tune Burning Heart which I think many acts followed by starting off slow than notching  it up during the chorus and then relaxing a little only to ramp it up again towards the end. Perhaps Adrian and the boys  perhaps as well followed someones pattern but to me they have to be one of the first ones to actually chart pretty high with the term Power Ballad!

This album top to bottom/front to back is a GEM! No Duds whatsoever.

Course how do you top it? Well in Vandenberg’s case you have a helluva time in doing so! In late 1983 the followup to the debut Heading For A Storm (cover drawing done once again by Adrian) failed to achieve in my eyes the greatness of the debut! The task of the followup fell on Adrian who once again composed all 9 songs on Heading For A Storm. This album followed the exact same formula as the debut. Side 1 with 4 songs with the fourth track being the ballad (Different Worlds) like Burning Heart was on the debut. 5 tracks on Side 2 all rockers. Same producer(Stuart Epps).  Same sound it’s just that even though some of the album was great. Some spots were patchy.

Late 1985 came the third album Alibi which I never even purchased. Why? I have no idea but if I come across it cheap on vinyl I may take the plunge. But back at that time the band parted ways with Bert Heerink and they never recovered. There are Vandenberg videos on YouTube that featured their new singer but I had a hard time getting through the one track as it sounded like a bad REO Speedwagon song mashed up with a Loverboy tune.

Course that old Geezer named David Coverdale caught wind of Adrian and tried recruiting him back in 1983 for Whitesnake but Vandenberg turned  Cov down as Adrian wanted his band to succeed but after 1985 with the failed singer and no record deal Adrian joined Whitenake and yada yada.

To my ears this album does not sound dated as it could have come out last year. So it was a real pleasant surprise when I went Record shopping and was able  to score this album for $7 Bucks!



28 thoughts on “Impact Albums: Vandenberg(1982)”

  1. I love finding good albums for cheap.

    Also, I wish I could have raided T Bones closet in 1982. The Van Halen boys had nothing on him. It would have broken up those days of wearing nothing but Nike’s, Levi’s and concert shirts.

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  2. Never heard of them, but I dig your enthusiasm enough to check outside (same for all these impact albums). They look like a bunch of guys having fun, eh?

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    1. Thanks J for reading and following along…
      Vandenberg is a talented cat that lost his marbles in Whitesnake trying to pretend he was John Sykes!
      But with this stuff he would have given Schenker a run for his money ….

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      1. I had a wee look at his stuff online… interesting artwork (a big draw for me) and some really great tunes. I just assumed they were a band that took his name, but see that they’re just like a support cast?

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      2. Yeah well Adrian did it all on this album. They looked and acted like a band but I’m sure someone was getting more dough than the others….hahaha…but i was way too young back in 82 to even think about that stuff!

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  3. I had this album when it came out and loved it. Back in 2009 I took a lovely lady out to dinner and “Burning Heart” came up on my iPod shuffle list. She said Vandenberg right? I had to keep this woman! so I married her. The rest is history. Great website and I love your reviews!

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    1. Hey Randy!
      Great story and thats awesome that your future wife knew Burning Heart! Incredible!
      Thanks for reading along and enjoying my silliness ….
      Take Care…



  4. Geez Deke, here you are with an impact album and I’m not certain I’ve even heard of these guys. Have I? Have you talked about them before? ‘Cos man, I’m drawin’ a blank. Sounds like it’s kick ass though. Thanks for bringing the rawk, and for educating this old man!

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  5. Whitesnake supposedly recorded Burning Heart….

    And sort of like Aaron, here you are with an impact album I have never heard! When I was a kid I wanted some Vandenberg because I was crazy to collect side projects from bands I liked! I wanted this and John Norum’s Total Control. STILL don’t have either!

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  6. I’ve never heard this before either – Wait sounds like a better latter day Whitesnake to me!

    PS. Have you seen they’re doing a picture disc of 1987 for RSD 2018?

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