Myles Kennedy: Year of the Tiger(2018)

What does a Banjo/Mandolin/Guitar and Bass have in common?

Strings! Ha…Ok that was sad!

What they do have a connection with is Myles Kennedy who played all of these instruments on his just recently released BRILLIANT solo album  Year of the Tiger.

1974 was the Year of the Tiger and at age 4 Myles lost his father who died at the age of 34.

Year of the Tiger explores and focuses on Death and how it impacts people. This is indeed a solo/concept piece perhaps almost healing like I’m sure but many questions are raised and faith being one of them.

Now Kennedy doesn’t go all preachy as I want to make that abundantly clear. This solo album is his way of dealing with loss. How his Mother dealt with loss and how they moved on from it but yet still feel it over 4 decades later!

1. “Year of the Tiger” 3:40
2. “The Great Beyond” 4:50
3. “Blind Faith” 4:29
4. “Devil on the Wall” 3:44
5. “Ghost of Shangri La” 3:32
6. “Turning Stones” 3:38
7. “Haunted by Design” 3:39
8. “Mother” 3:42
9. “Nothing but a Name” 5:00
10. “Love Can Only Heal” 5:32
11. “Songbird” 4:04
12. “One Fine Day

The 12 tracks that make up this record are not heavy tunes. If you’re looking for heavy tracks check out Myles stuff in the Great Alter Bridge if you want riff blasting rock delivered Loud!

But if your in the mood for a great chill out record that can still pack a groove without totally losing steam than this album is for you!

This album for me is a fantastic listen. Yeah its deep and serious but the way Myles performs these tunes he keeps the pace of each track moving. Just listen to the opening track (posted below)which is Year of the Tiger!

Myles just like he does in AlterBridge writes excellent lyrics. He’s a guy who puts a ton of time into his craft which is songwriting.  It’s also cool that you can easily listen to this album all the way thorough.

Sure it has a sombre feel to it bit isn’t that death to begin with?

I will add that Kennedy is the Deal! Whatever this Guy puts out it’s a no brainer purchase and it goes to show that you can still kick  ass without the Marshall being cranked up to 10!

18 thoughts on “Myles Kennedy: Year of the Tiger(2018)”

  1. Nice review Deke – I think of him as a singer, so neat to read he’s got all those other playing skills too.
    Fantastic closing line too, I like those ass-kickers who require no amplification to do their kicking!


    1. Thanks Geoff!
      Kennedy plays a ton of guitar in AlterBridge and can stand toe to toe with Mark Tremonti. I read an interview where he said he never played lap steel or a few of the instruments on this album. So the dude can definitely put his mind to it thats for sure!

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  2. Great reading. It is a brilliantly immersive record with some deep dark colour in its pallet. That voice though. What a great tool that voice is. Love his stuff. Love that this is different for him too.


  3. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Freaking GREATNESS.

    1974, my birth year. Year Of The Tiger. And I’m a late July baby, so a Leo, to boot. My goodness, I’m a cool cat! A hep cat! Er, or maybe CATegorically crazy? Yeah that last one…

    Liked by 1 person

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