Ozzy Osbourne: The Ultimate Sin (1986)


So album Number 2 with Jake E Lee finds Ozzy Osbourne experimenting with some hair dye in his look and a somewhat new sound courtesy of Ron Nevison. Nevison you know produced the mega Heart album in 1985 and would later produce KISS Crazy Nights record so Ronny had the midas touch going back than in the mid 80’s so Ozzy or someone in his camp figured let’s hitch a ride and see where it goes…

The Ultimate Sin is what came of the collaboration between Nevison and Osbourne. Jake E Lee who had zero writing credits on 1983’s Bark At The Moon album which we all know is bullshit!  Ozzy credits himself as the sole writer on BATM. Ummm right! Your telling me Ozzy came up with that iconic opening riff in the song Bark At The Moon?


Don’t worry Jake we know the deal! So along with Bob Daisley/Jake and Ozzy wrote Eight pretty decent tracks (Shot In The Dark was written between Ozzy and bassist Phil Sousann) for The Ultimate Sin. More of the polish rock sound of the times. Almost in some parts Ozzy-Heart like due to the production. But the songs cut through for the most part. The drums are handled on this album by the late Randy Castillo.

The opening track which is the title track is a great Ozzy opener as the Ultimate Sin starts off with a stomp of the drums and Jake just like he did on the Bark album steps and delivers as well. Tracks like Secret Loser/Shot In The Dark/Never Know Why/ Thank God For The Bomb/Never are your typical Ozz Rock Tracks. Ozzy knows that his bread needs to be buttered so he isn’t going to deviate to far from the Cash Cow!

I will say that Killer of Giants is a great track. Starts off real slow and does a slick buildup by the chorus. I have always been a sucker for this kinda rock move.

Still a decent listen even today! Though the albums production sounds little too mechanical Heart Like in spots but the main thing is the songs are there.

22 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne: The Ultimate Sin (1986)”

      1. I bought Sacred Heart followed by Intermission and that was it until RJD hired that kid in diapers to play guitar on the Wolves album…


  1. Nice write up, Deke – kinda makes me want to check this one out again (did some solo Ozzy not so long ago, but aside from some great riffage – obviously written by Ozzy, right? Haha – I wasn’t mega into it).

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    1. Never Say Die…ooops wrong album…haha Shot In The Dark is a great tune. This is the album no one talks about in the solo Ozzy catalog..
      Well I’m changing things up!

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    1. Talented old Git that Ozzy is!
      Considering on all the Sabbath/Rhoads/Wylde they all got credit and Jake got squat on BATM…
      Man if would have known this I would have voted for Ozzy as my favourite guitarist back in 84 instead of EVH!

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    1. Awesome! Good to see the future is indeed bright!
      I’m sure you recall last year at my Daughters We Will Rock You production how fantastic those kids were pulling off the musical chops of Queen!

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  2. Another great write up Deke. Digging the funny stuff like “So album Number 2 with Jake E Lee finds Ozzy Osbourne experimenting with some hair dye in his look”.
    But for me, this album has got great songs and some riffs that are just brilliant.

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    1. Jake kept Ozz in business basically with this guitar work and never got his due. Shame really …
      I really like Jake’s stuff on the Bark album esp Now You See Now You Don’t…

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