L.A GUNS: Made In Milan(2018)

Ahhh….. L.A GUNS. Kinda dug those first three SleezeBall albums that these fella’s released between 1988-1991 that being the self titled L.A Guns(88),Cocked and Loaded(89) and 91’s Hollywood Vampires.

Than like so many LA bands they imploded. Members came and went and so did I meaning I moved on. But when Guitarist Traci Guns returned to the band with his last name hooked up with Phil Lewis the original singer I had a little bit of interest.

As many as you know I dabble and submit some stuff to the great online site SleazeRoxx. The year-end best of albums voted by the readers was LA GUNS with there 2017 reunion album Missing Peace release.

I was surprised that there was still a decent fan base for these guys and to keep the GUNS in action this past March they released the live album Made In Milan.

I will go out on a limb and say this is a fantastic Live Album.

For my money. Lot’s of songs are featured from the first three Guns albums and I’m ok with that.  Opener No Mercy rocks right out of the gate.

I must mention that Traci Guns is unbelievable on this album. The dude smokes his fretboard throughput this release. He knows  all the 80’s trimmings like all the other six stringers of the late 80’s! Traci Guns though is one under appreciated guitar slinger. Warren DiMartini/Jake E Lee/ George Lynch are three guys I would say in my opinion  were the best to come out of California. I have to include Guns now as his playing is absolutely sick!

His playing on Never Enough is phenomenal…

Traci takes all of these songs and just riffs like a lunatic but a contained lunatic to the point where it doesn’t  make me nauseous! He’s the deal folks and even with a bit of sense of humour when at the end of Kiss My Love Goodbye he goes into a little snippet of The Lemon Song By Zeppelin.

Speaking of nicking snippets at the end of Sex Action they jam out The Stones “Paint it Black” Mixing it up as you would say…

One More Reason/Rip and Tear and the Biggie late 80’s Ballad (The Ballad of Jayne)  that every band was doing. Some can pull it off while others don’t. Ballad of Jayne is not a bad track as this time around I gave it a chance whereas  back when it was originally released in 1989 I scoffed at it!

Lot’s of well basically all of these songs I have not heard since ….1991!!

Saying that they play a recent track called Speed and its a great rocker of a track!  I really dig the part in Speed when they slow it down the tempo and ramp it back up into the chorus. I always can appreciate that these guys are not just tripping all over the Nostalgia Carpet like some many of there contemporaries.

Yet today they are  a band firing on all four cylinders “Live”. Lewis voice still sounds the same as he did umm two and half decades ago! Yikes…

Other than Lewis and Guns the rest of the dudes behind em are not the original Guns or Gunners! The recently departed Rhythm Guitarist Micheal Grant lays down a steady bunch of rhythm riffs so Traci can do his thing while Drummer Shane Fitzgibbon slams the drums straight ahead as you hear the snap of the snare and the smash n crash of the cymbals at time on warp speed as the track Killing Machine proves.

The sound is Awesome. The Bass (courtesy of Johnny Martin)rumbles along like a runaway locomotive. This album has to be almost 100% Live as the mix is excellent.

14 Tracks in all and here we are in April 2018 and two live albums one being this one and the Live 94 by John Corabi are the two of the better live ones I have heard lately..

Who woulda thunk it!


9 thoughts on “L.A GUNS: Made In Milan(2018)”

  1. I loved their first couple but then they don’t seem to have had anything to add. They were a big band for all my little metal compatriots back home. I had 2 L.A Guns patches on my jacket.

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  2. Deke – you’ve always got at least one very visual line that jumps off the page at me.
    Today’s? Their ability to avoid tripping on the nostalgia carpet. I know exactly what you mean & I’m glad they didn’t fall into that trap!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. HAHA…Thanks Geoff…
      Nostalgia for alot of acts is a hell of a drug. They just stick to the same ol same ol setlist time after time.
      Gets old real quick ask KISS haha

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  3. I never owned any Guns albums, but I did have a couple of tracks on cassettes and what have you. Believe I heard them via an old guitar playing chum.

    Anyhoo, as for Tracii Guns, I only really tuned into him when he did the stuff with Gilby. He can certainly play!

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