SLOAN: Live @ Crocks(April 4th 2018)

Here’s Sloan rolling into Thunder Bay on a Wednesday Night no less and I’m stoked!

Almost two years ago to the day when Sloan last played  Crocks myself and Tbone were simply “Blown Away” as the Sloaner’s that being Patrick Pentland/Chris Murphy/Jay Ferguson and Andrew Scott took over the stage and basically owned it for over two sets!

There back catalogue of the hits was  one after super hit after another and the fact that in there first set they played the full One Chord To Another album was a coup for Tbone and Moi as that was our first time catching these guy’s live!

So when local Promoter Frank Loffredo announced this show it was a no brainer to grab tickets quick! I recall the conversation I had with Tbone two years ago  as when Sloan was last here I flat-out said whatever night these guys would come back I would go no matter what!

Well Its a Wednesday night and we’re going! Not only that but Tbone’s brother Darr along with some other friends Brian and Cindy were along as well!

Hey not only do we need to support bands like Sloan  but you gotta hand it to Frank who sticks his neck out and brings these acts to town so we gotta support the Local Fella whose paying the bands to get em here!

Thunder Bay is the second night of the Sloan 2018 Tour and what is real cool is that they are pre selling their new release on April 6th 2018 entitled ’12’ two days early here at the Merch Table. 12 is available on both CD and Vinyl and myself and Tbone quickly grabbed up the vinyl version of 12 as we didn’t want to wait till the end of the show in case they sold out of it! Also included with the vinyl is a coupon to redeem the new album on  Digital(which I have already). Nice!

Speaking of Merch their prices for T-shirts/Vinyl/CD’s/Hats were all reasonably priced with all the CD’s going for $10 bucks!

So at around 9:30 pm the Sloan Fella’s hit the stage opening with the first two tracks of the kinda soon to be released 12 album and those tunes were Spin The Wheels followed by All The Voices which only takes a matter of seconds when the guys hit the stage that were in for a fine night with those wicked lead and harmony voices with the sounds of a hard like Power Pop Rock emulating from the retro vintage back line gear that these guys use.

If I’m right and I may not be the guys trotted out 10 of the 12 songs for the new album! Overall I’m thinking about almost close to 30 songs were played at the show! Not bad for a $25 ticket!

Give the band credit they could have blasted all the hits and perhaps sprinkled a few tracks from the album but I have to say that these new tunes carried over well as crowd was into it. How can you not be. Seriously when they change-up Instruments and Andrew takes over on Guitar/Vocals while Chris hops on Andrews Drums while Jay slides over to the Bass these guys musicianship does not dip. The talent these cat’s have just boggles my mind that they can continuously play at this high level.

Though not to be disappointed Sloan did pull out the classics as well. Patrick’s Losing California is a great straight ahead rock track with a fantastic solo as Andy,man what can you say about this guy and his basic Drum Kit? The guy is a human dynamo sitting on that stool!

The Other Man (featuring Backing Vocalist/Keyboards/Tambourine) Greg MacDonald is a valued asset of the band that doesn’t go unnoticed as Greg and Chris trade-off vocally at the end of the song! Feels Good Do It  had the crowd rocking while end of the night closer Good In Everyone just wanted you wanting more!

Sloan is a great Live/Studio act and what is a real cool quality is the fact that after the show they all came out and talked and signed a bunch of merchandise and were in no hurry to split considering they are playing something like Seven Nights in a Row!

I was lucky enough to get all Four Guys to sign my CD and to chat a bit. Chris told me and well you can call me a whistleblower(haha) but I asked how come the excellent Navy Blues album wasn’t available at the show. He told me that they are going to be coming back and playing that album front to back on their next go round. Judging by the fact that Money City Manics wasn’t played  I’m thinking were onto something here…

Look real forward to when these guys come back! Thanks for a great show Patrick/Chris/Andrew and Jay!

Photo’s courtesy of Wingman & Need More Drinks Photography!(Darr & Tbone)






39 thoughts on “SLOAN: Live @ Crocks(April 4th 2018)”


    Deke, this fills me with joy. I’m so glad you guys got to go to the gig, and you got to meet them and of course they rocked it and oh my yes.


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  2. Sloooooooooooooooooan!
    Nice write-up Deke & nice work giving a shout-out to the local promoter, well done Frank for bringing the lads to TBay!
    I like the sounds of the Navy Blues front-to-back possible gig, I hope that one makes it to Southern Ontario!

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    1. Thanks Geoff! Just like the last time through these guys did not disappoint!
      Real cool they had the album available for sale a few days before actual release! Plus a redeeming code to download it digitally…
      Great deal for the album 25 bucks….

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    1. … and I have to applaud your tip of the hat to the local promoter. Sometimes those folks are good guys and not just a faceless acronym or few initials.

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      1. Franks a great guy been promoting Tbay Shows for years! My first actual Crocks concert was the Tragically Hip in I believe Feb of 88 and Frank was the promoter than…
        At least over 30 years promoting and hangs around and will talk music all day!

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      1. I like when bands have a bunch of copies of a new release and there’s an opportunity to nab and listen before it’s released.

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      2. The new songs now that I heard the album(included was a digital download copy of 12) came across great live. Course a little more heavier but the studio version is wicked sounds good win win…
        They were selling two copies of the SLOAN album ..One is a United States pressing which is purple vinyl while the Canadian one is Orange…
        I bought Purple ..Tbone bought Orange…hahaha


      3. It’s weird when your first experience of new songs is live, eh? It can go either way – the studio tracks never quite live up to the live version or you just love the songs more.

        As for the vinyl, I would have went for the purple, too.


    1. Absolutely Darr!
      Great Night all around and Man its been easily too many years since you joined us at a Rawk Show..way too many ….
      Thanks again for taking pics …


  3. SLLLLOOOOOAAAANNNN! Great review Deke! I think it might be time to see them in concert again! (Saw them ’96 ish in London, and again in ’00 in the Muskokas. Both were awesome!!)

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    1. Thanks Sarca!
      Considering it was the second show of there tour they were on their game like it was there 50th show.(to me anyways)
      So good and if they come around your neck of the woods be sure to go!

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  4. I am really looking forward to seeing them! Man is this 1984? 25 dollar tickets? That is called looking after your fans man… awesome.

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    1. Yes, it is. They make it affordable. Even there Merch is cheap. The fact that they do no meet n greets in this day and age is exceptional. Many an act could take a page out of there playbook.


      1. We do need more bands like that… It’s not like they haven’t had success…that is cool of them to stay grounded and know their fans.

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      2. So true. The fact that it’s the same 4 dudes is saying something as well. Almost 30 years together now. Crazy. It’s crazy when they swap instruments during the show. Talented cats.

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