Stone Temple Pilots-(2018)

You know when I had heard of STP getting yet another lead singer and taking another run at it “Bored” came to my mind especially when I read that new singer Jeff Gutt was a contestant on those  American Idol like shit shows.

Basically I thought STP might be cooked for good….

I know the previous two singers had passed away (Weiland & Chester Bennington) so my mind was thinking in terms of change it up by band name and make it interesting. Play the old stuff of course but give the STP moniker a break.

See there lies the problem as the general public would know the STP name over say  a new band name like “Flipper Flanagan”**

Course when Eric Kretz/ Dean and Robert DeLeo were having trouble with Weiland back in the 90’s the DeLeo’s along with Kretz formed two different bands at the time one being Talk Show the other being Army of Anyone which both tanked and were commercial failures.

So twice they tried and twice they failed so I see why they don’t want to go down that path yet again!

Fellow Blog Pal John T Snow was one of the first reviews I read of the current STP album I won’t go into detail about it. How about I link it and you can read it.  Pretty cool that John has a family connection to the recording of the STP album. Go ahead don’t be shy click and read!

Another Fellow Blog Pal is a huge fan of these guys when Weiland was fronting the band. Actually J is a huge Weiland Fan period! J through the comments I read is having a hard time digging/getting into this release as at times it sounds like the old STP sound.

I get what J is saying. I am nowhere near the huge STP fanboy that J is but I do dig their stuff. I totally get it on where J is coming from as when Bruce Dickinson left Iron Maiden back in 1993 I was bummed out. I invested a lot as a  Maiden Fan Boy by that point since 1981 into Maiden. Huge drag but I spun the positive as Bruce and Maiden would both be putting out product. So perhaps It would be a win win.

Kinda not really. Maiden of course got Blaze Bailey put out two albums (X Factor and Virtual XI) while Bruce stuck out solo albums.

Maiden I will give them credit changed a musical course with Bailey as he was the exact opposite of Bruce. Fair enough. I bought those two Blaze records. While X Factor was not a bad album Virtual XI lost the plot for me as the songs were so-so. Bruce on the other hand-made more Maiden sounding like solo albums like Accident of Birth and The Chemical Wedding. I was onboard with what Bruce solo was doing.

Course Bruce rejoined Maiden and all is good if not better that the 80’s..

Sorry for the Maiden ramble but I just wanted you the reader to know I get it when someone in a band you dig bolts off and it’s just never the same.

Back to STP…

Ok…I like this record. Too be honest it took forever for lead single Meadow to grow on me. Our local only Rock Station 94 Fm as much as there playlist annoys me has played this tune lots and eventually after hearing it daily I decided that it was a pretty good rock tune.

Meadow oozes that sound of STP as does a lot of this album. I know they split the writing credits four ways on this album and perhaps that’s to keep the new boy in the loop. Fair enough but its true this has a bunch of tunes that are cut from the 1990’s STP’s Rock Cloth!

Roll Me Under is a great track. Cool shuffle of the drums along with Robert’s Bass Line makes this one easily one of my fav’s from this album. Six Eight as well is another as they are the heavier like tracks but with a catchy groove.

Course there is some chill moments like the Art of Letting Go. More acoustic sounding  if anything leads me to my next point. These songs more importantly than anything is how Bassist Robert Deleo writes basically since 1992 when Core came out and sold huge!

There lies the problem for many I suppose and this is my 2 cents tossed in the STP Ring! This self titled album sounds like old STP perhaps the new guy does not have the swagger that Wieland had but fair enough perhaps give him time. An album or two more and perhaps he will find his own niche within this band.

Having said that I hope these guys can make it with the same guy for an album or two more but seriously if they don’t make this work I’m out for good as I did invest in Talkshow and Army of Anyone and where did that get me?

** Flipper Flanagan my Tbay readers will recognize this band name as they are a local folk rock group who has been playing around for decades…..


27 thoughts on “Stone Temple Pilots-(2018)”

  1. I’m happy you’re liking this one. I don’t know that I ever will… though I would agree that there are a couple of good tracks in there (STP’s hooks and Gutt’s finest Weiland impersonation).

    I don’t have any desire to revisit it and after seeing some live footage the other week, I’m more convinced that the chap belongs in a tribute band (which is kinda what this is).

    And thanks for giving this fan boy a shout out!!

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    1. Yeah Gutt is trying to hard in the live performance to be like Weiland …i agree 100 % with you!
      STP still i guess has to stick to what butter there bread so to speak…

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      1. They certainly do – especially if they’re wanting to make money.

        It’s ironic really that that they struggled to get recognition for being more than a band riding the coattails of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and the likes to now being a band riding the coattails of Stone Temple Pilots.

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      2. Great comment J! But what do those guys do? I mean there ego i’m sure is a t a certain level and to go back to the bars and reinvent themselves I do not see that happening…

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      3. I dunno, I honestly reckon they should have changed the name. I just can’t see past that… and, you know, starting over again was good enough for Weiland.

        What they’ve done is ride the coattails of the guy they sacked, criticised and fought with over the name.

        They had issues with him doing the whole Purple At The Core tour, but they’re happy to exploit the success the band enjoyed with Weiland by keeping the band name.

        For me, as a longtime fan, they’ve spoiled the legacy. They all did, really. STP was all of them; not 3 of them and a chap who had two shots at The X-Factor.

        I don’t even tell folks I like Stone Temple Pilots anymore. That’s what they’ve done to the band I loved.


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      4. I hear what your saying J…
        Band dynamics are a real tuff slog esp when you get lawyers/suits/record labels/outside relationships and than toss in success and dope ..
        It becomes a huge mess…
        Guess thats where they went and stayed

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      5. No doubt, aye. I have no doubt in my mind that Weiland didn’t make it easy, but I also have no doubt in my mind that they should have changed the name of the band. If they were so confident in the songs and Gutt being so special, they wouldn’t have needed the STP brand… they could have grabbed those coattails, big hype sticker on the album (“three quarters of STP, but not the creative genius melodies and lyric guy”) and rode to Valhalla with Gutt screaming “I am smelling like a rose” through a megaphone.

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      6. Valid points…look at how that went with so many band singer changes…
        Look at Motley they changed singers and style and tanked…only comparing the fact that what do u do…
        I really think ego and the paycheque dictate a ton of things…
        Who knows but man what a great conversation piece which this is becoming

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      7. No doubt. I dare say the management, etc. drove them in the “keep the name” direction, too. And you’re right about them having two unsuccessful attempts at reinventing themselves already in the can… likely hearing a voice talking about lightning striking three times and suchlike. Avoid the lightning!! Keep the name!!

        … and yeah, I’ve been fair enjoying this chat!

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      8. I admit I had the review done and than some live footage and Gutt looked like Weilands younger brother on stage and Dean is slowly looking like Keef! Robert still looks the same as does Kretz…
        It will be interesting to see how it shakes down on The Cult tour


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