Michael Schenker Fest.

Why Michael Schenker never became a household  name in North America is beyond me. True he has a huge following but Micheal has been playing the Flying V Guitar for what 4 decades or just past that mark!


Through it all though Mikey put out a lot of good stuff but  in the 80’s like a few bands there was always singer changes. In Micheal’s case four singers graced the MSG band.

Gary Barden/Graham Bonnet/Doogie White & Robin McCauley at various times fronted MSG in the past 30 years!

Fast forward to 2018 and Micheal Schenker is touring North America with all 4 previous singers! What a friggin genius move! Now this would be a killer show to see.

As an added bonus Bassist Chris Glenn and Drummer Ted Mckenna played with MSG as well throughout the 80’s so it gives this show a real throwback vibe as you’re getting all the trimmings when you attend this show! Micheal Schneker Fest they’re calling this tour!

To give Michael credit he’s also plugging a current album titled Resurrection that features not only the 4 singers mentioned above  but even Metallica’s Kirk Hammett shows up to guitar duel Micheal on a track.

I posted a clip from just a few weeks back of when Schenker played Montreal..

Watch the clip to see how you do it with class with 4 ex Lead Singers! The main thing is Schenker is having fun man and thats what Rock N Roll is about!

Many act’s could take a note or two from this…


10 thoughts on “Michael Schenker Fest.”

  1. That’s awesome. I have a few MSG albums… on cassette! Haven’t gotten to listening to them yet, but I heard you guys talk about them other times and knew they were worth a plunk…


  2. Man, 4 singers and everyone acting like adults. I don’t know much about the history there, but that suggests that there’s never been any major fallouts? Folks parting company amicably and such like? Regardless, sounds like a real treat for fans!

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