SLOAN: 12 (2018)

When Bassist/Lead Singer Chris Murphy sings the line “There’s only so much time we can kill here. Before we start to Spin Our Wheels”  from the opening song Spin Our Wheels the Power Pop Quartet drops the gauntlet on how you properly go about writing a Catchy Hook Driven tune that is so good you almost want to push rewind and listen to it again!

Course you can push rewind but lets keep going forward for this review as Sloan have crafted an album that is real solid in all of its 12 tracks that make up new album 12.

Impressive Sloan has been recording since 1991 with the same for guys. No silliness with these guys as when its time to write pop rock perfection they just go about doing what they do. The 12th album in the career of Sloan.

It helps when you have four strong personalities along with Murphy is Guitarist/Lead Singer Patrick Pentland. Guitarist/Lead Singer Jay Ferguson along with Drummer/Lead Singer Andrew Scott.

With 12 each Guy gets 3 songs each where they get to do their own thing but as a whole its sounds like Sloan. This album on so many levels especially the Jay Ferguson tracks like The Lions Share/Right To Roam and especially Essential Services sounds like mid 70’s Paul McCartney & Wings output. Slick Lead Vocals but man where Ferguson lifts off is the sonics of Essential Services  where it sounds like Macca is actually playing the keyboards on this track.

Chris Murphy has the knack for writing great catchy Power Pop Tracks. The already mentioned Spinning Our Wheels is as catchy as they come in this style. Don’t  be fooled though friends where Side 2 Opener  Don’t Stop(If It Feels Good Do It) keeps the catchiness moving along  with its positive feel goodness vibe all over it. Murphy’s third contribution Wish Upon A Satellite  features both Chris and Patrick trading off vocal lines in the verse  and this another masterpiece written in Perfect Pop!

Patrick Pentand contributions are brilliant. All of the Voices weaves a certain cool combination of rock chops and power pop that will have you buzzing about this song well after its done! The Day Will Be Mine to my ears anyways is as retro as it comes. What I mean by that this tune reminds me of Sloan from 25 years ago.  Loud Guitars and Patricks laid back Ace Frehley like vibe sold this song to me the first time I heard it! Love the opening power electric  riff that begins Have Faith and within a second the song goes into a whole other direction. Catchy chorus and a wicked bunch of musical tempo changes featuring real short spurts of guitar riffs that push the tune forward.

Gone For Good is Drummer Andrew Scott’s first track on 12.  It’s an trippy like vibe that has a great groove to it.  A laid Back scenario fills this song. Year Zero features a real cool Bass Line that drives the song along with drums. 44 Teenagers is Andrews third composition and the last  the song that ends the 12 album. A song that features the line..

Just the other day
I was reminded of the many ways Gord Downie died
I see a kid in my head
Who will be seeing red

44 Teenagers has some real crunchy like guitars especially at the end of the song as it ramps up with a real hooky guitar lick.

Sloan has released a Brilliant Studio album. It says something that it’s the same 4 guys after what 26 years maybe longer still doing it. Four very strong personalities as I already mentioned but they make it work!   I’ll be the first to admit I was late to this party but I sure won’t be leaving anytime soon as Sloan have put out a real fine slab of Vinyl! Catch em Live if they come are in your town!



28 thoughts on “SLOAN: 12 (2018)”

  1. I gotta check what Japan has for bonus tracks. I have the Japanese for the first five studio albums! Before they went and reissued most of those tracks…

    ANyway, your Sloan love lately has been infectious. At first I was kind of “meh” about another Sloan. The XX was the last one I truly loved. An “every song” kind of deal. I think you may have convinced me that 12 is the next one that I could fall in love with.

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    1. It’s a real solid album. Infectious tracks…..
      Funny though Mikey is at the show when I heard these songs I had no idea that 10 of em were from this album until I seen the setlist.
      I thought at the time when Sloan was rocking them that I may have to ask Mr Books where were these songs from…haha

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