Rock Candy: Issue 7


Once again those cool rock writers from across the pond have unleashed another dynamite issue of Rock Candy.  Issue 7 is stuffed with a ton of articles…

On the cover as you can see there’s a one Mr Steven Tyler who (ahem) looks focused to say the least! Steve-o’s band of course is Aerosmith and they are featured in a 10 page article from an interview conducted by Chris Welch from 1976!  In a separate interview Aero’s sound man from the 70’s-80’s Nite Bob describes what it was like to do sound for Aero back in those times! Must have not been easy!

Elsewhere in Issue 7 there is a 6 page spread of Heart from the early 80’s when no bought Heart albums anymore until the self released album from 1985 that sold mega! Guitarist Nancy Wilson admits with a “We had to do what we had to do” to sell sex in those videos to sell albums which worked as I bought the damn cassette of Heart!

Stuart Epps(producer) chats about how he hooked up with Jimmy Page and pieced together on what became the Coda album. Interesting stuff I learned about the Coda album which I have always liked so it was a great read!

Black Oak Arkansas! Remember those dudes? Jim Dandy who is the lead singer of BOA is a character to say the least and he is asked if he thinks David Lee Roth and Axl Rose stole his stage schtick! Dandy gives an interesting answer in regards to that question!

A real cool piece on the beginnings of Fastway the band formed by the late Fast Eddie Clarke and Pete Way. Great read on putting a band together watching your bass player not show up(Mr Way) and before you know it is  the bass player  with Ozzy for like 3 weeks! HAHA…  You can’t make this stuff up. Eddie gives great insight on the  fabulous debut than the fallout and decline of subsequent releases…

Def Leppard/Krokus were touring the States together back in 1983 when the managers from both bands got into a backstage fight! Once again you cannot make this stuff up and man oh man to be a fly on the wall at that moment!

Elsewhere you have articles on Aldo Nova/Hear N Aid/Wishbone Ash/B.OC/Quiet Riot/Steve Vai/Vinny Appice and much more!

One of the high lights  of Rock Candy Magazine is when they go into great detail on album covers in a feature they call Classic Album Sleeve  where they don’t interview the bands but the artist that designed the cover! What a friggin fantastic read. I used to go over in great detail and stare at  the covers of albums back in the 80’s when I should have been doing my homework! This issue Rock Candy goes into great detail with Dean Motter who describes what it was like putting together the cover for Triumph’s Thunder 7 album from 1985!

I must add that Triumph has been featured in  3 of the 7 issues of Rock Candy! Man,back in the heyday of Triumph you would be lucky to get a couple of articles printed on them here in North America!

That is a quick look at the latest issue. If you come across it pick it up! Like I always say about each issue of Rock Candy…

It’s worth the dough!



19 thoughts on “Rock Candy: Issue 7”

    1. Ha…you and 200 million other people! You could start a trend! I enjoyed this issue as its a great throwback for me back to when I had to Hunt around just to get Kerrang here! Now of course it’s easier as I subscribe to Rock Candy…


      1. Haha! I cannae mind the last time I bought a magazine! The thought of it gives me a nosebleed!!


  1. Wow these mags look cool. Thanks for covering them!

    I love the Tyler quote about the ego trip. Haha riiiiiight, buddy!

    Black Oak Arkansas. I have an LP of theirs here, I think. IN fact, I covered it in the (now defunct) hit it or quit it series. I blurbed this:

    Black Oak Arkansas – High On The Hog (1973)

    “Holy Southern rawk boogie, Batman! It’s soulful, and full of great moments. You might know the song called Jim Dandy. That’s here, and plenty besides.

    Hit It Or Quit It? Hit. Fun countrified rock.”


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