Van Halen: A Different Kind of Truth(2012)


2012 brought out some great albums from Rush/The Cult/KISS/ZZ Top and wait for it…..

VAN HALEN with their first newly recorded written songs(kinda) with long-lost friend Mr David Lee Roth in 27 years!

Thats right ever since Roth rejoined Halen on their first reunion run back in 2007 it was only a matter of time before they had to get in the studio and  bash out an album…

Halen did something smart for a lot of this record as they had Wolf Van Halen(Bassist) sift through old unreleased VH demo’s and perhaps they would work up those tunes which they did in some instances.

Halen also enlisted John Shanks to produce. Shanks does a great job handling and perhaps babysitting/counselling as well as getting  the record finished!

Speaking of Shanks he is currently playing rhythm guitar in Bon Jovi. Why on earth does Jon Bon Pop Tart at this stage need a rhythm player? Why on earth is there an added percussionist as well. Bon Jovi is a Vegas Act live from the YouTube clips I’ve seen…

What A Joke Jovi has become but that’s a rant for another day! Back to the task at hand….

In January of 2012 the preorder of ADKOT appeared on iTunes  and I was all over it as with the preorder purchase you got lead off single and opening track Tattoo.  Upon hearing Tattoo for the first time It was ok. It really wasn’t what I was expecting. Tattoo was a rock track make no doubt about it but it was like Halen trying to grow up and perhaps show a little more of a serious angle to a band known a party guys! But DLR is back perhaps a rockier track would have helped the album more in the long run!

Tattoo to be totally honest with you all had me a little concerned with it being the opening song on the album would this be the tune that set’s the table for the remaining 12 tracks?

Thankfully No….Second track She’s The Woman goes right into old school like VH. Take a collective sigh of relief folks.. VH is back.

From there its a bunch of Rock with of course Guitarist Edward Van Halen playing like only he can. Ripping up the fretboard on ChinaTown laying off the gas on You and Your Blues. 

Things ramp up on Bullethead and As Is. VH showing that even though 3/4’s of the band is past age 50 when they want they can still flex that Mighty Halen Muscle whereas Honeybabysweetiedoll has Dave mush mouthing the lyrics as Ed wails all over the fretboard like no ones business.

One of my fav tracks is the Trouble With Never which sounds like vintage Halen especially during the solo as the drums and bass just let the guitar solo like its 1980 again. Plus right after Ed’s solo Dave goes into that deep monotone old creeper Uncle mode vocal before Ed’s guitar says “No More’ and things get back in order!

Outta Space sounds like the long-lost brother of Atomic Punk from the debut. A song that harkens back to yesteryear and has the band just playing fast and straight forward! Vintage Roth on this one!

With Halen on tour in late spring/early summer 2012 the record company dropped the ball on releasing Stay Frosty as a single(shame on the Suits!) It’s a feel good Halen ass kicker of a track. Hell you gotta love that picking at the start of this track and then it goes all bonkers in that Halen kinda way. A 2012 version of Ice Cream Man…(I posted the video of Stay Frosty at the top of the page!)

Love the heavy stomp of Big River and as per protocol Ed lifts this track off come solo time and that seems to be the current theme of this album.

Album closer Beat’s Workin  is a great ending to ADKOT. A jammed out tune that has a slick chorus to keep the song moving towards the finish line!

What can ya say about ADKOT? Considering it was the followup technically to the 1984 album from well 1984 ADKOT stands on its own merit. A real great hard slamming album and if you were to hear only two tracks that being  Tattoo and Blood and Fire  those two song’s don’t really represent  ADKOT as the album really ramps up after B-B-B-B-B-Bullethead!

Alex plays the drums great as you would expect and Ed just soars on this opus. Dave sings great and writes some cool lyrics. Course Dave’s voice sounds good as he could sing  a line or two and take a week off!(haha) Give Dave his due here. He showed up man….

Everyone goes on still about Micheal Anthony. Hey me too but Wolf plays wicked Bass on this and was a big factor in putting this record together and perhaps getting the three other guys on an album/tour cycle for a few years! Speaking of Wolf he’s currently working on a solo album which I will be interested to check out as I believe he’s recording  the whole thing himself. Kid has talent and we know why right? Still though cut him some slack and just be glad we got an album from Halen period!

Come back Friday for the review of the 2012 ADKOT Tour!

Until Than…..

STAY FROSTY My Friend’s!

38 thoughts on “Van Halen: A Different Kind of Truth(2012)”

  1. Great review, Deke. I play this one a whole lot… and I love Tattoo, man. The guitar is amazing… the way it just keeps lifting… and the opening 4 songs are utterly brilliant.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Wait till you see the two live vids I posted on Fridays upcoming ADKOT show from St Paul..
        I know you’ll watch em…
        Ed is on fire man!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Make it 3 vids added J…U will get a hoot of Roth and Ed is on his A Game…the the guy that filmed it knows how to film..great audio as well…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so far behind on my blog reading but I had to comment on this fresh Deke post because… I just picked this up with a limited DVD a few weeks ago for $1! I wasn’t a fan of Tattoo so I didn’t give the rest of it a spin before. Blown’ away how much I enjoy it! Blood and Fire is one of my fav tracks on it. Rockin’ album!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thats right the acoustic tracks…Great price by the way! The acoustic I got as well as its funny on one of the tracks Dave is hacking yet they keep playing …haha
      Wow the two tracks that I thought were the weakest everyone is digging..hahaha.
      What the Fack do I know…hahaha


  3. I don’t always listen to Van Halen. But when I do, I prefer Lee Roth.

    You said it about the stomping on Big River, which as time goes on, might be my favourite. For a long time it was Chinatown. But the album grows in new ways the more you hear it.

    Now, we need a sequel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Good luck with the sequel. If it wasn’t for Wolf it would be Lazy Halen…meaning nothing.
      I’m impressed with Wolf man…wait till u read my concert review Friday…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep I will follow WOLF”s career and why not. The Kid is monster on the Bass…Tokyo Dome proves it…
        And that dual soling with his Dad on Chinatown…Geez the kid is a whiz!

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  4. Deke – I remember you had a series, 3/4 filler.
    So the fraction jumped out at me here.
    Van Halen is 3/4 over 50
    Van Halen is 3/4 surname Van Halen!
    But thankfully, this one wasn’t 3/4 filler!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WOWZER’S WELL PLAYED Geoff! No sir Halen has never released any 3/4 Filler some may say the Cherone sung album but that had some decent stuff on it but 20 years on no one cares about it…
      But great call on the 3/4’s ….

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