Bon Jovi: Inside Out(2012)


Bon Jovi. Well they have become a kicking bag in my musical world on what was once a real decent slick Arena Act( 1984-1992) that has slowly over time have morphed into a Vegas Tribute Act.(present).

Inside Out is a iTunes only Live release(2012) which is kinda cool in a way to make guys like Ladano scoff at the no physical product tag! Maybe by now its available for them on CD  I dunno. The other cool thing is ..

It’s quite good…


1. Blood on Blood 6:18
2. Lost Highway 4:12
3. Born to Be My Baby 5:22
4. You Give Love a Bad Name 3:49
5. “Whole Lot of Leavin” 4:40
6. “Raise Your Hands” 4:58
7. “We Got It Going On” 4:52
8. Have a Nice Day 4:05
9. It’s My Life 4:02
10. I’ll Be There for You 7:18
11. We Weren’t Born to Follow 4:12
12. Wanted Dead or Alive 5:38
13. Livin’ on a Prayer 6:18
14. Keep the Faith

14 tracks recorded between 2008 and 2010 and I will go on record and say that this album is left unpolished which is a welcome relief and sounds pretty live.

Richie Sambora before  his caboose  came loose and went off the rails and left Jovi for good has his guitar jacked up along with his vocals as well. Jon Bon Jovi sings pretty decent on this cross-section of material which for the right reasons leaves most of their sappy ballad like stuff off of this album which is a welcome relief to my ears. (I’ll Be There For You is included and I tell ya what I never did mind this track musically. Lyrics are typical 80’s slop yet the first few bars of Sambora’s psychotic deranged blues riff is Genius!))

Even when Jovi went all Hee Haw Country Rock on that Lost Highway track and totally lost me forever the title track here is quite rocking!(Did I just type that?)..

Always dug Raise Your Hands which is a straight ahead no man’s thinking land kind of track but we all know that chorus!

From New York to Chicago
Raise your hands
From New Jersey to Tokyo
Raise your hands

Ok I will Raise Em!

The highlight for me on all of this is the track Keep The Faith. I just dig that opening Bass Line and this was of course Jovi experimenting with a new direction and sound on the Keep The Faith album and for me this album was a Winner! At a time when GrungeMania was sweeping North America and every single mid to late 80’s Hair Metal Act was getting buried under that Seattle Tsunami. Jon and Company revamped came back with Haircuts and a somewhat new Rock sound and viola Jovi still sold records and sold out shows whereas many, well pretty much everyone else(from the Hair Metal Genre) skidded into obscurity!

Keep The Faith has the trimmings of everything I like. As I already mentioned cool Bass Line tagged by some cool drums n percussion added by a real great chorus. GrandSlam solo by Sambora and well…..Winner Winner Gets Chicken Dinner!

Plus the fact that it was as a single 5 plus minute track not your typical Poison by the book 3 minute slop rock track. KTF renewed my Faith until well the next album!

Still though what a Track to end Inside Out with!

Don’t Let Your Love Turn To Hate…

I have zero tolerance to listen to any new recordings that may surface in 2018 from Bon Jovi. The only way I would consider buying  any new Jovi product is if Jonny Boy named his next studio record  “Jovi’s Boogie Board” **Than you can count me in!

**- All credit for what should be the title of the next Jovi record should be credited to fellow blogging  Pal Mr if Jon Bon Jingles comes across my scribblings!

23 thoughts on “Bon Jovi: Inside Out(2012)”

    1. Gah to point one..
      I hear ya on point 2..

      We will always disagree on iTunes!
      Than again your ripping some Program Director guy on Facecrack today so I get it!

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      1. Sigh.

        I was just correcting him on something they had in a 5150 ad.

        He said “Nobody is forcing you to listen.”

        After 6 years of constantly promoting those guys and sticking up for them…fuck it. How many times did I link to them from my articles and reviews? How much stuff did I contribute to that station? I can’t count. And “nobody is forcing me to listen”?

        New management is the problem.

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      2. What did u call the guy a ‘dick’? haha..i was reading it at work. But yeah I see your posts on those guys all the time in my feed…i get it…tell them off and move on…

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      3. Yeah I said “Steve is a dick”. LOL

        This iTunes discussion just turned into a video blog. I just filmed it on the back patio. It’s a rant about iTunes/tribute to Deke.

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  1. This is one I don’t have and it isn’t a bad set list. Blood on Blood is one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs and a great opening track. Not sure I like it being followed by Lost Highway as that would to take away any steam generated by the opener. I might need to give it a listen.

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  2. I like being pleasantly surprised by an artist that seemed like they were out of gas – I’m with you on all the details that make KTF such a solid tune. It worked really well as a track 2, I can picture it being a solid closer too!

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    1. KTF is a great track Geoff. Think back to 92 when the album came out and people were more concerned about Jovi cutting his hair! No concern about whether the album was good or not…
      Kinda bizarre but fortunately they put out a decent hard rock album against a musical climate that wasn’t in their favour…

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  3. Excellent!! Thoroughly enjoyed this write-up and a few chuckles along the way. I listened to Bon Jovi briefly back in the day… my brother had a few albums. In fact, I’ve been tempted to listen to a few of the ‘classic’ albums… but I’d definitely buy one if the names it Jovi’s Boogie Board!! Haha! Cheers, man!!

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  4. iTunes is also cool because it forces that Ladano guy to reinstall it in order to buy the two iTunes exclusive tracks for the Hollywood Vampires album when someone tells him about them.


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