#689: “F*** iTunes” [VIDEO BLOG]

Watch my good pal Mikey succumb to the powers of his Ice Cap Drink and have a go at iTunes ….haha. Click’ View Original Post’ below.


GETTING MORE TALE #689: “F*** iTunes”

Once again, here is something that came about due to a conversation with Superdekes over at Arena Rock.  In his review for Bon Jovi’s iTunes exclusive live album Inside Out, Deke said:

Inside Out is an iTunes only live release, which is kinda cool in a way to make guys like Ladano scoff at the no physical product tag! 

He’s right and I scoffed right away.

In jest, I made this video below.  I like to call it “Fuck iTunes”.  Everything is meant in good fun.  Enjoy the video.

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4 thoughts on “#689: “F*** iTunes” [VIDEO BLOG]”

      1. Lex and Lauren watched it as well. They laughed at watching you knock back that CAP!
        Lauren especially as she worked at Timbo’s for 2 years! Lauren also spotted your Transformer t Shirt…


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