Hey!! Wishing all my following WordPress and Email  Peeps here in in the Great White North a  Happy Canada Day! Yo to all my Guys and Gal friends from all the other parts of the world enjoy this clip! Crank it!

Tune selection is from  one of my all time fave Canadian Quartets and that would be the brilliant Coney Hatch!

The live vid I’m posting is from a few years ago and is from the debut self titled Coney Hatch album from 1982! The track is Hey Operator which features all the trimmings of Coney I dig especially that driving Bass Line by the one and only Andy Curran! Hey Operator was also covered by Aldo Nova another Can Con Artist!

Speaking of Coney they will be opening for Steve Harris and British Lion in a couple of months in Southern Ontario and Quebec !

If Coney is in your  area check these guy’s out!

15 thoughts on “HAPPY CANADA DAY!”

      1. today its bright and sunny here….no rain whatsoever …
        If you look on the Atlas you will see Thunder Bay sitting right along Lake Superior which is one of the Great Lakes….
        The weather here can change at a moments notice…

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