Alice Cooper: Poison(Live 2018)


The week of August 27th -31st is shaping up quite nicely Thank You and that’s in thanks to Alice Cooper who is not only rolling into Thunder Bay and playing a show here on August 29th(My Brother Todd scored us Tickets!) but as well on the 31st Coop  is releasing a Double Live album titled A Paranormal Evening At The Olympia Paris”.


Once again  my Character Flaw took hold of me as iTunes has the album on preorder with two tracks dropping straight onto my iPod right away!

Those two tracks are “Ballad of Dwight Fry” and “Poison”

Upon first listen these two tracks sound LIVE! The audio sounds like it was left alone and the  the mix doesn’t sound polished. The Backing Vocals/Music as well sound Live…

I’m thinking  not too  much  studio trickery  went on with the album.

Check it out as I posted the  Poison track (audio) at the top of the page!

27 thoughts on “Alice Cooper: Poison(Live 2018)”

    1. Yeah John it will be a great show..
      Last time I seen him was 6 years ago when Coop opened for Maiden
      What a stellar bill..
      Todd my brother saiid right after Coop played that if he comes to Tbay we were going!
      Well the Bro was good on his word. Todd pounced on tickets and got us front row!

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      1. Thanks man…Look real forward to it. Plus I’m on holidays that week so the review will be done real fast and posted!
        Or so the story goes..hahaha

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  1. I just picked up Live from Wacken yesterday and I’m having a hard time deciding whether I prefer it to A Fistful of Alice. They’re both excellent.

    Although there’s little overlap between Wacken and Paris, I’ll probably wait a bit before I get Paris. I’m unfamiliar with most of the songs, and have the Wacken show anyway

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    1. The only other Cooper live album I own is the Live Constrictor show from 86…and of course the live tracks that were tagged on the end of the last studio album…
      I don’t own a lot of Coop…kinda patchy at best…

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