Back Covers: Iron Maiden(Debut) & Iron Maiden-Killers

I basically could do a whole series on the brilliant back cover drawings of  former Maiden artist Derek Riggs.

For this edition of  Back Covers I have decided to feature not one but Two… yes Folks Two  Iron Maiden albums. The  stellar debut album Iron Maiden from 1980 and  1981’s  classic release Killers! 

These first two Maiden worldwide releases show  Maiden in their earliest form and you can see by the two Back Cover Pics how Maiden within a span of a year was developing a huge fan base that resulted in what the Facecrack Generation would say “Trending”.

Actually these first two Maiden albums are the only two studio  releases that show live shots of Maiden. The rest of Maidens  back covers were continuations of the album covers drawn by Riggs. (Yes those will be discussed at some point down the road)

The debut Maiden back cover  picture  shows Maiden playing the pubs/bars gaining momentum in regards to the fan base and as you can see right about Drummer Clive Burr’s(RIP) Drums is Band Mascot Eddie in his earliest form as a prop. Course years later Maiden hit the big time and rode right into Arena level status.

These pics are cool as it shows that Bassist Steve Harris and Manager Rod Smallwood had a focus. If you’re playing a bar. Pack the stage with Amps/Drums/Props and the buzz will get out.

Get out it did….

1981 comes into view and Maiden really goes for the jugular and release Killers.  With another brilliantly drawn Rigg’s cover comes the back cover with a  real cool live shot upon when I first seen this album(Killers was my first Maiden purchase back in July 1981).

As you can see by this picture that graces the back of the Killers album Maiden was indeed trending in the upward position as you can see the difference in the two pics all within a year. The back of Killers is a great shot and as a 13-year-old going on 14 that pic sold me big time! Look at Eddie spewing smoke from his mouth smothering Burr’s drum set. Maiden in full flight! A total action shot! What a game changer and look at that stage with all the punters down in the front.

Also each dude in Maiden gets there pic and what  instrument they play/vocals etc. Martin Birch the Producer of Killers gets his own pic as well! Kudos to photographer Robert Ellis who took all these shots!

The whole back cover is a great selling feature as even the song titles are bad ass! Wrathchild/Drifter/Murders In The Rue Morgue/Innocent Exile/Genghis Kahn. Man, the song titles were just plain cool!

These two Back Covers show Maiden in a span of the year making huge strides. I’m glad I’ve been part of that ride since 81!

17 thoughts on “Back Covers: Iron Maiden(Debut) & Iron Maiden-Killers”

  1. It’s funny how much more nostalgic a back cover can be but I’ve stared at both of these records for hours and hours. Two amazing albums full of incredible energy. Killers is still my fave of the two. I had this live plus one EP thing too that was like a continuation of Made In Japan. It had Women In Uniform on it too though

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    1. Nice yeah Maiden Japan is a real treat of Live album and who knew at the time that Di’anno was getting the BOOT!
      We all have stared at back covers for hours. In my case it was rampant during my high school years…
      I was mesmerized man by Maiden covers hahaha

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  2. That is awesome to have a live shot of the band on the very first album. Back in the day when bands were bands before they got a record deal and not now where bands are formed by the label and they don’t play live for the first time until after the album has come out.

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    1. Great observation! Thats the cool thing is Maiden went with live shots on the first couple of records before Eddie completely took over front and back cover with Piece of Mind and beyond

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  3. I’ve never seen these, as I’m not familiar with either album. Great idea to include them both in the same post given the continuation on the theme and the change in the live shenanigans.

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