Rolling Stones: From The Vault-‘No Security’ (2018)

My first thought of this new live Rolling Stones album titled “From The Vault: ‘No Security’ was “What? Another Stones live album!”

Even though this was just released this past Friday(July 13th) It’s actually the final show(from San Jose) of their Bridges To Babylon Tour back in 1999! So that’s where the title of ‘Vault’ comes from as those silly old Stones have been sitting on this show  at Stones HQ’s for 19 years!

All I gotta say is after listening to it .”.What a great Freakin Show!”

Now Check out the 20 tracks that make up this album..

1. “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”
2. “Bitch”
3. “You Got Me Rocking”
4. “Respectable”
5. “Honky Tonk Woman”
6. “I Got the Blues”
7. “Saint of Me”
8. “Some Girls”
9. “Paint It Black”
10. “You Got the Silver”
11. “Before They Make Me Run”
12. “Out of Control”
13. “Route 66”
14. “Get Off of My Cloud”
15. “Midnight Rambler”
16. “Tumbling Dice”
17. “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)”
18. “Start Me Up”
19. “Brown Sugar”
20. “Sympathy for the Devil”

This set list is Fantastic!  Real slick move featuring 3 tracks from the brilliant Some Girls album including the title track/ a ripping version of Respectable and better yet the classic Keef singing in his babbling style of the brilliant Booze/Pills and Powder inspired  Before They Make Me Run. 

I’m one of those whom actually enjoy the 90’s stuff that these guys put out. In saying that I dig 1994’s Voodoo Lounge and the already mentioned Bridges To Babylon.

Some of the 90’s tracks are featured like the real cool You Got Me Rocking/Saint of Me and the real slick Out of Control.

Give it up for Mick Jagger who always delivers it live and speaking of ‘You Got Me Rocking’ crank up the audio of the track below where you can hear Ronnie Woods slippery Slide guitar collide with Keef’s boozy drenched Rhythm pickings! Course Charlie Watts drives the Stones engine with that quick snare drum action. WICKED STUFF!

Brilliant Mick lyrics …

I was a hooker losing her looks
I was a writer can’t write another book
I was all dried up dying to get wet
I was a tycoon drowning in debt
Hey, hey you got me rocking now

I have to add that I like the fact that Satisfaction is not around on this album. Nothing personal Boy’s it’s just that song I have heard a zillion times…I’m good thanks….

Get off my Cloud! You kidding me? Now that’s one for m the vaults so to speak. Has there  ever been a live version of Midnight Rambler that is under 12 minutes? Haha! Seriously though that shuffle that drives the ‘Rambler” is 100 % Stones Swagger. I never get tired of the ‘Midnight Rambler”.

Course there are the familiar tracks but to play one of your biggest hits Honky Tonk Woman  fifth song in  goes to show you how deep the catalogue of these guys is!

The album wraps up with the brilliant ‘Sympathy for the Devil’. Great way to end the night with a visit from the Devil!

A great live documentation of a Classic Band firing on all Cylinders!

27 thoughts on “Rolling Stones: From The Vault-‘No Security’ (2018)”

  1. I was so surprised how much I enjoyed this release! These “From The Vault:” releases are the gifts that keep on giving! The Rolling Stones here sound rough and rugged, even though I mistakenly thought they’d moved into Vegas-Style “Rock-N-Roll Revue”-era by this time. So good.

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  2. Excellent write-up, Deke. Is this an extended version of the No Security live album from way back? Or does it have alternative takes like that Stripped release a couple of years ago?

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    1. I believe none of these are from the official No Security album from two decades ago…
      This is direct from the last show of the tour. Jagger it sounds like apollogizes to crowd as this show sounds like it was a rescheduled show…

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      1. You’re right, man – No Security appears to be from a collection of dates and venues. My apologies for not doing my research before asking that question! Ha!

        I actually never heard the original album, but I’ll check this one out… cause, y’know, it’s got the Deke seal of approval!

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    1. They are cool. More bands should take this lead and release stuff. Easy money to be made! I seen it sitting in iTunes preorder for a while but I didn’t click right away.
      Once I seen and thought about that set list for a bit it was a quick click….hahaha
      I guess there is a DVD release of this as well but I’m just an audio only guy at this point!
      Thats what youtube is for when I want to see something visually!

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    1. Thanks…
      But this album is so good! For a live album its not polished sounding….
      Before Keiths song Woods guitar is feedbacking and Keef Laughs and says “Quiet Down over there Ronnie’ just stuff like that is so cool…that they didn’t edit it out is good

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