The Northern Pikes: Live on the Waterfront(Thunder Bay-July 18th/18)

When Northern Pikes  Bassist/Singer Jay Semko announced to the  3000 plus crowd that gathered down at Thunder Bay’s Waterfront Wednesday Night that it has been close to 30 years when the Pikes second album Songs From The Alibi was released it was in a way like no time had passed but in actuality 3 decades have passed!

The rest of the Pikes that being Bryan Potvin (guitar/vocals), Don Schmid(drums), Kevin Kane(guitar/vocals) played a 60-65 minute set that featured a lot of Pike Hits throughout the years.

Taking the stage shortly after 8pm the 4 men launched into the perfect opener that being “Big Blue Sky” fitting track if any as there wasn’t  a cloud n the sky  and from there it was right into one of my favourites with ‘Hopes Go Astray’.  It’s truly amazing how many of these songs were played out on MuchMusic back in the day.

‘Wait For Me,Teenland,Things I Do For Money,Girl With A Problem,Kiss Me You Fool,She Ain’t Pretty. Tons of Good Ol Fashioned Canadian Rock filled the Wednesday Night  Marina Air!

I must add that the last time I had seen the Pikes(2006) they were down to a 3 piece with a keyboardist but now they are back to a rocking 4 piece(2 Guitars/No Keys) as Kevin Kane once played in another Canadian Act The Grapes of Wrath.  Kane performed two Grapes of Wrath tunes one being ‘Peace of Mind’ which itself was played a ton on MuchMusic as well!

It’s amazing how good these guys sound vocally as well as musically. Potvin especially when duty calls can still let it rip on the 6 string and ease of the gas pedal when needed!

A great night of ROCK! Plain and Simple!

Hopefully it doesn’t take these guys another 12 years to get back to Tbay!

Photo’s courtesy of’ Deke’s Budget Hit and Run Photo’s’

19 thoughts on “The Northern Pikes: Live on the Waterfront(Thunder Bay-July 18th/18)”

  1. It’ll come as no surprise to learn that I know nothing of these chaps, but it sounds like they know how to get the folks rocking… not a lawn chair in sight!?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah their were a lot of lawn chairs but this is a free event so it’s understandable as a lot of families show up …it runs from 6-9pm…
      Put on and paid for by the city of Thunder Bay…
      Nice night out when the weather cooperates!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it was a great show…
      Just me and Sue went ..Lauren ended up working and Lex has been busy with an online University course that is an extra credit for next year to free up some time..


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