Back Covers: Saxon-Denim & Leather(1981)

Before the TV Show ‘Sons of Anarchy’ made motorcycles look cool you have to go back  say about 37 years  and take a look at those zany Brit’s known as Saxon. 

If a Back Cover photo ever exemplified the song’s  on an album  well this would be the one. I mean look at those song titles listed above!

Never Surrender/Out of Control/Rough and Ready/Midnight Rider/Play it Loud/Fire in the Sky/Denim and Leather. Basically all the titles fit that image of these Guys looking ruff n tumble on their bikes!

Denim And Leather was the name of the album…

There is the leader of the pack Biff Byford front and center and how about a shout out to the fella on the far left side of the pic. Bassist Steve Dawson who not only had no hair but rocked a decent porno stache  as well! There is no credit to the person who took the photo. Perhaps he disappeared after this photo shoot. I dunno…

Watch your back HMO  you may be next…

Saxon for whatever mysterious reasons never cracked the North American Market in a way others did which is puzzling as there records always made it here to Thunder Bay so distribution wasn’t the problem so who knows ….

Fickle Market I suppose…. But yeah this is a great back shot! Simple Pic. Black and White shot to make the Black Bad Ass look stand out especially Dawson’s moustache!

I have never reviewed this album but I will someday soon and I can tell you all it’s a classic!

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