Back Covers: Cheap Trick-Heaven Tonight (1978)

Man I love those old Cheap Trick back covers from the 70’s. Opening for KISS back in 1977 must have had something to do with the word ‘Gimmick’.

Cheap Trick didn’t really need a gimmick so to speak as those 70’s records of their hold their own musically. Perhaps since there were 1000’s of acts trying to make a name for themselves  back than Cheap Trick did although break through with the Budokan album in 79 and that album my friends is no Gimmick!

But let’s rewind a bit to 1978 when Trick released the Brilliant Heaven Tonight album. ( I will review this album in full down the road). In a first here with my Back Covers segment I need to post a pic of the front cover to get my point across!

As I mentioned earlier the Gimmick involving Cheap Trick was that they had two cool guys in Robin Zander & Tom Petersson.  (pic above) Whereas Rick Neilsen & Bun E Carlos were the nerds of the band!(pic at the top the page)

There ya have it. The two Rock Stars hanging outside while the two Geeks are checking and sprucing themselves up in the Bathroom!

Reid Miles did the photography for this album and captures a band on the rise. The imagery between the front and back cover as a selling point is Awesome! If you notice on the back cover pic Rick has the album cover of 1977’s ‘In Color’ tucked in his back pocket! A little self promotion of your previous record never hurt anyone!

Don’t feel bad though for the two nerds of Cheap Trick as if you spin the classic Budokan Album you will hear a ton of Japanese girls shrieking “Buuuuuuun E!’ while Rick wrote basically all the Cheap Trick songs!

Special mention to Bun E Carlos who is credited as playing ‘Traps’ on the back cover!


18 thoughts on “Back Covers: Cheap Trick-Heaven Tonight (1978)”

      1. By the 80’s they dropped the front cover cool guy stuff until Lap of Luxury once Tom comeback they did it on that one but it was nowhere as cool as the 70’s stuff….


    1. Now thats a cool fact about the font!
      Well Geoff the movie ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ movie was a big one back and I mean way back when I was in Grade 11!
      Nerds were cool back than….haha

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