10 Questions With…Fred Coury


Fred Coury needs no introduction. Fred drummed in Cinderella from 1986-1992 (and at other Cinderella shows since than) Fred also formed the brilliant ‘Arcade’ with RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy back in 1993. Fred has also  somewhat changed careers as well( persistence pays off!). Keep reading and thanks to Fred  for doing this! When I had sent him an email asking him if he would be willing to participate! He replied with  “Anything for a Canadian!’ LOL!

I should have asked him 20 Questions! Damn…maybe next time!

I remember flipping through the pages of Circus Magazine in the late 80’s and there you were playing drums with Guns N Roses! I know it was for a short period of time but how did that all come about?

I got a call on my answering machine that simply said “learn the song on your outgoing message, I’ll call back in an hour”. (I had Welcome ToThe Jungle on my machine) it was GNR’s manager. 3 hrs later I was on a flight to Minneapolis to play a show that night with them. Steven had broken his hand and they asked me to fill in for the remainder of the tour.

Everyone of course knows that you handled the drums in Cinderella. I will go on record and say that 1990’s “Heartbreak Station” was a phenomenal album! The band went in a whole opposite direction of what everyone else was doing in Hard Rock at the time. What was your line of thinking at the time? Were you happy with the outcome of it?

I just listened to that record a few days ago at the gym. I hadn’t heard it in years. Love that record and I’m very proud of it. It was definitely a different direction for us. I don’t know if it was the right record to make at the time but it’s a great record.

After Cinderella stopped recording and touring in the early 90’s you formed ‘Arcade’ with Stephen Pearcy. Speaking of phenomenal. That debut album is brilliant. Whose call was it to write tracks with Jim Vallance?

My two fave artists of all time are Billy Joel and Bryan Adams. I think Stephen worked with Jim in the past. As soon as he mentioned Jim’s name I was 100% for it.

 One of the things that I admired most about the debut Arcade album was that you and Stephen were able to score a Major Record Deal in 1993 when the whole rock sound had changed! Pretty impressive as many were losing deals or breaking up at the time. How did you feel about those 2 Arcade albums?

I loved the first record and liked the second very much. The first one was “the one” though.

When Arcade stopped what did you do?

Moved to Nashville and eventually went back to Cinderella.

Now I know you are a fan of Hockey(so you are an honorary Canuck) Years ago I seen an interview with you and Stephen on MuchMusic and you were wearing a Kings Jersey! Now I see you work for them in some capacity. How did that gig come about?

I’ve always been a hockey fan. I wrote a song that I thought would be perfect for the team. I kept submitting it every 6 months for 3 years. Finally Luc heard it and offered me a 3 year contract. My first assignment was a new goal song and a theme. I’m entering my 10th year with the team this season and just signed a multi-year deal. I do all of their sonic branding.

First album ever purchased?

Chicago X

If you had to go with 5 all time favourite albums. What would they be?

Wow. Too tough. I get tired of things easily. Maybe Star Wars soundtrack would be in there. Tears for Fears Songs from the Big Chair, Journey Captured, Bryan Adams So Far So Good, Billy Joel, The Stranger.

Arena/Stadium show. What was your favourite live performance as an audience member?

Too many to name but Journey, P!nk and Mötley are up there. #1 would have to be The Who, Heart and J Giles at CNE Stadium in Toronto (that show changed my life)

Feel Free to Plug whatever it is your currently up to! Thanks again for doing this!

Now I’m a composer for tv and film. We recently wrapped a 4 season stint on NBC with my first drama The Night Shift, and I just finished my first full length film with live orchestra called Full Count. I’m doing a cartoon with John 5 at the moment and continue with the sonic branding of the Kings and Portland Trailblazers.






36 thoughts on “10 Questions With…Fred Coury”

    1. Thanks…
      So far I have had One Book Writer…. One Guitarist and Two Drummers do these and they have been awesome!
      The lone bump was the Bass Player …no biggie 4/5 ain’t too shabby!


  1. Never would I have guessed a dude most famous for 80’s hair metal to mention Bryan Adams and Billy Joel as his faves.

    Cool that Chicago X was his first record too. I love me some Terry Kath. I want to one day do a Chicago series of posts.

    Hmmmmmm. Phil X you say. Hmmm. Verrrry interesting. I would like to know more about this. (Hint hint )

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    1. I always like when they post their fav albums and shows. Just because the bread and butter was coming from a certain genre it’s neat to see that an album or show will be something different other than Metal!

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    1. Thanks Scott! I met Stephen when his solo band rolled into town back in 2003! I think its amazing that Fred and Stephen secured a record deal in 93 when everything was Seattle this Seattle that….

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  2. Great interview Deke. I knew a little about Fred writing a song for the LA Kings. I’m glad you asked about that. Great insight there.
    Seems like a good down to earth guy.
    Loving the 10 questions.

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  3. Wow Deke! Really lovin’ the “10 Questions With”. Now Fred is a great interview unlike some snobby 4-string slappers we know, but I won’t name names. Lol

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