Monster Truck: True Rockers(2018)

A band leading off with a single before the album hits the street can be a tricky move in this day and age with the likes of FaceCrack/Twitter and whatever else people communicate with.

Back in June of this year  Hamilton Ontario Rockers Monster Truck released their upcoming single from the soon to be released album ‘True Rockers’ a tune called ‘Evolution’.

I listened to the song right away at there FaceCrack page, and you could hear a musical directional change. More of a modern tweaked like rock sound. Fair enough but upon first listen I was on the fence about it, and I shot a message to Mikey Ladano telling him that Monster Truck has a new tune out and I’m not too sure about it.

I wasn’t the only one in that thinking as the public comments on Evolution were brutal. People were hammering on them for sounding like Nickleback/Shinedown and what not. It was harsh man people unloading on them big time. Monster Truck on that lazy Sunday, June afternoon got lit up quicker than a Christmas Tree!

Freedom of Speech I suppose but you know the band was reading the comments and I’m sure a bit of freak out came from their camp. Think about it for a second.  You craft a bunch of songs for months as everyone was digging your previous release which in the Trucks case was 2016’s brilliant ‘Sittin Heavy’ and you drop a new tune, and people go bonkers over the shift in the musical direction!

So what does Monster Truck do? They go on the Defence and…..

Less than a week later Monster Truck dropped a second single which was the title track of the album called ‘True Rockers’ which has more a traditional Monster Truck vibe to be with the Hammond Organ meshing up with a heavy distorted guitar driven by the drums…

Click the video posted above and crank it! That’s more like it! Heck, ‘True Rockers’ the song even features Dee Snider rapping out a bunch of vocal lines in a Preacher like vibe!

Still, though I didn’t take the bait as iTunes had the album on preorder with Three Songs available upon the preorder. I again didn’t bite.

Until I read last week an interview with Monster Truck Bassist/Vocalist Jon Harvey on the Ultimate Classic Rock webpage in which Jon talks about Evolution and another  track on the album ‘Young City Hearts’…

Here’s what Jon said about these two tracks when asked by Dee Snider himself about taking a commercial slant on two of the albums Eleven Songs.

“We thought we kind of have to do it,” he said. “We have to put this thing out there. … And our fans are like, ‘What the fuck are you guys doing?’ But in my opinion, it’s like, ‘I don’t know. We’re just trying something else,’ and we felt like it was time to actually do it. But the rest of the record sounds like a normal Monster Truck record, but we’ve got these two songs, and they’re always gonna be there. You know what I mean?”

Correct answer if anything. No sooner did I finish reading that interview with Dee and Jon that fellow blogger Brian’Bop’ Zinger who also hails from Monster Trucks backyard of Hamilton dropped a review a day before the actual street date of the album was available which was this past Friday (September 14th).

Here’s the Link to Bop’s Review and he reviewed each track so click it and check out some excellent writing!

Bop’s review sold me on ‘True Rockers’. So Friday morning before I headed out the door to work I zipped onto iTunes and purchased the album which features the songs.

1. True Rocker
2. Thundertruck
3. Evolution
4. Devil Don’t Care
5. Being Cool Is Over
6. Young City Heart
7. Undone
8. In My Own World
9. Denim Danger
10. Hurricane
11. The Howlin’

I have listened to this album more than a few times since its release on Friday and its a Freakin Fantastic listen!

Kudos to these guys for putting out what I can easily say may be one of the best albums of 2018! It’s right up there with the recent ‘Ghost’ album (Prequelle)  that came out this past June!

Yeah ‘True Rockers’ is that good! Jon Harvey 
Jeremy Widerman Brandon Bliss Steve Kiely have slammed one out of the park!

The album is chock full of vast blasts of rock especially when they get into that heaviness when the Keys/Guitar/Drums and Bass all collide together which forms a HUGE Sound!

Hell, the album even has harmonica and cowbell at various points! Who the hell doesn’t like Harp and Cowbell on tunes?

More Cowbell? Fuck Yeah!

So yeah you got ‘Bop’ to thank for this review!

The crazy thing is our local radio station 94 Fm like so many artists play the same songs over and over on some kind of loop as it can get nauseating at times…

But over the long haul the track ‘Evolution’ has grown on me and I can tell ya a good song is a good song.

At the end, that’s all that matters right?

‘Don’t Fuck With The Truck.’





18 thoughts on “Monster Truck: True Rockers(2018)”

  1. Good to hear Bop’s review was persuasive!
    And it’s a tricky position – I remember Brian saying ‘Young City Hearts’ had an Arkells feel, which sounds great to me. But then again a couple albums ago, when the Arkells started to go in a more pop direction, I wasn’t feeling it at first either.
    But like you said, good songs are good songs, and that’s what it inevitably comes down to!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Geoff.
      Once you wrap your ahead around it sometimes change is good. I think these guys are smart enough to know in this day and age they have to expand the sound to get radio play…
      Yet people need to relax as this album has 9 tracks that are typical Truck!
      9/11 pretty good % still eh?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Actually Geoff a week sent listening to the Truck and its still a real solid listen.
        All the songs are fantastic! Smart of Harvey to talk about the tow tracks that are kinda unlike the Truck sound yet still sounds like them if that makes any sense!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh man, that Evolution song is something else. Definitely not a tune that would convince me I’m wrong about this band. I dare say I’d have a good time at a gig, but, as I said at Bop’s Place, I just cant get into this lot at all. I like their name more than I like their music. That said, I’m glad you guys dig this one.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks for the shout out. I liked most of this album a lot.
    Sweet review.

    I do not in the Hammer. Unless this is read by a blogging comment keyboard warrior. Then yes, the Hammer.

    Plus the name is obviously a fake. Zinger. That’s like an amusing remark. Also defined as an outstanding person or thing. Obviously I’m not a Zinger. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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