Impact Albums: Joe Perry Project: I’ve Got The Rock N Rolls Again(1981)


Man! I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across recently  this absolute slobber knocker of a solo record from Joe Perry.

‘I’ve Got The Rock N Roll’s Again’ is Joe’s second album released in 1981 that followed 1980’s solo release ‘Let The Music Do The Talking’.

Yep I did review this album way back when but I just reacquainted myself with a Slop of Rock n Joe for only  $5.00!! It still blows my socks off at how good this album is!

I mean the cover reeks Guitar Cool! The back cover photo as well of Perry playing a Strat that is upside down look’s cool!

5 Bucks! Total Steal!

Joe and his Project are beyond pickled up on this record! It’s almost a sign to come in the reunion album that Joe did  with Aerosmith. (1985’s fabulous beyond stoned throw together album ‘Done With Mirrors’.)

The timeline for me and this Perry solo album  is well …

First Aerosmith studio album I ever owned was ‘DrawThe Line’ (given to me by a friend of my Dad’s!) followed by the Immortal ‘Live Bootleg’  and ‘I’ve Got The Rock N Roll’s Again’ was my third ever kinda  Aero related album and it was solo album from  Mr Perry!

1982 was when I first got this album and think about it at the time. Aerosmith was somewhat finished even though they managed to pull together the real good Rock In A Hard Place’ album without  Perry in 1982 as well!

Still though ‘I’ve Got The Rock N Rolls Again’ is 10 Brilliant ‘GEMS’ as I call em! The album albeit a studio record sounds live! Just crank the right side speaker and it’s just Joe Perry cutting loose on that 6 string  like it’s nobodies business!

Trust me Folk’s Joe’s playing is off the hook here!

The album has Kick Ass Swagger (East Coast West Coast)  Sleaze Like Blues(Listen To The Rock) Drunken Like Nuggets(Buzz Buzz) Thrown together Brilliance(Soldier of Fortune) and a tune about Cops. (T.V Police)

Need I say more?

The band along with Lead Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist  Charlie Farren Bassist David Hull and Drummer Ronnie Stewart dial-up 1-800-Party-Treats and kick this one onto overdrive!

It is seriously that Excellent! I had at that point in my life  never had heard an album so raw in production and after all the 80’s bells and whistles.  Studio gadgetry was nowhere to be found anywhere on these vinyl grooves!

Check out the title track video posted below!

Course this is the only album that these four recorded as Farren split shortly after  and year or two later in 1984  Perry and Tyler kissed and coked up! By  the late 80’s  Aerosmith became a huge Money Making Enterprise!

Good on em I say!

But for all that Disney like power ballad dreck that Aero dug themselves into back in the late 90’s just rewind a full decade and half back to the rip snorting early 80’s  to a time when Joe Perry schooled me big time on what the Rock N Rolls really meant!

Listen mister, what my goin’ do?
My head is willy nilly
With that boogie woogie flu
I said, doctor!
Won’t you tell me what is wrong?
(Cause if) I’m feeling, like I’m feeling
I’ll been rock ‘n’ rolling all night long
I got the rock ‘n’ rolls again
The rock ‘n’ rolls again,


28 thoughts on “Impact Albums: Joe Perry Project: I’ve Got The Rock N Rolls Again(1981)”

    1. HAHAHA… Thanks Danica..
      These ones are fun to blog about as they are albums that in some cases have been with me for over half my life and I still Love em!
      Slobber Knocker indeed!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. This one may have been buried at the time. But if you come across Scott grab it..
      I think its bette than LTMDTT…
      That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


      1. Nice make sure your iPod is cranked when ‘EastCoast WestCoast’ kicks in…
        You will think it’s a super cool record or you will think I’m off my rocker…hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed 100% Joe!
      Thats why I hold Done With Mirrors in such esteem as that is the last hurrah with a drug induced record before they had they became that money making machine in the late 80’s!

      Liked by 1 person

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