Jet: ‘Get Born Live'(2018)


Sometimes those albums that were mega hits years ago just slip under your musical radar. You know the ones where you say to yourself ” Yeah I will get around to picking this one up later!”

Australian act Jet would fall under this category not intentionally as back in 2004 Jet was all over radio with their debut album Get Born and the singles that I still hear even on our local crap radio today that being Are You Going To Be My Girl and Cold Heart Bitch.


I know Tbone’s brother Darr was into Jet and why not. We were all suckers for a straight ahead rock sound. Jet kept putting out records than disbanded of course but now we are in 2018 and hello “Reunion”.

Over at John T Snow’s Blog every  Friday he let’s us all know what the new release’s are for that week! Back on  Friday May 25th  I noticed he posted a pic and a writeup about this new Jet Live album.

Wowzer’s! Say what??! New Live Release??!

Over to iTunes and there it was Jet-Get Born Live the whole album played from to back with a couple of cover tunes. (14 Tracks Total)

Click…bought and delivered to my iPod! Thanks again Mr Snow for the Tip! You could say about time I bought this album as well….

Jet Get Born Live is from back in 2004 recorded in the Melbourne.

It’s a great listen through from opening track Get What You Need to the end of set closer a cover of That’s Alright Mama.

Considering I don’t own any Jet material. This is a good one to own!

Jet comes across sloppy cool as the guitars sound like a cross between AC/DC and the Georgia Satellites!

If these Aussie’s ever strolled into Tbay I would go for sure…

A fun good time listen!


16 thoughts on “Jet: ‘Get Born Live'(2018)”

  1. I like Jet, and they are a band I would totally see. Just added Goblin to the list of upcoming shows. Snagged tix yesterday. They will be screening Suspiria in entirety and performing soundtrack live. Should be killer. Rock on!

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    1. I basically wrote this a week after your original post John!
      Kept pushing it back and back and today was the release which I never really post on Thursdays but instead of posting on Friday I got a pretty cool Impact Album for Sunday as it has a kinda tie in to the date
      Don’t know if any of this makes sense hahaha

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    1. Still don’t have the studio portion of this but this live one is a hoot!
      Sloppy party time rock with ACDC riffs at times.
      Your right Geoff thanks to HMO and John I rely on there Friday New Release Posts than I head to iTunes and see what’s up!


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