Back Covers: Van Halen: OU812 (1988)


Man,crazy to think that this past May marked the 30th Anniversary of Van Hagar’s  ‘OU812′ release! Where does time go?

Back in May of  88 when this album dropped I was a first day buyer as I bought two copy’s.

My brother Todd who was 11 years old at the time still needed some serious musical  direction  as I didn’t want him getting into anything remotely Top 40 at the time.(1988)(Erasure and Information Society being two)  I bought Todd the cassette copy of OU812!

For myself CD’s were the rage!  I didn’t bother about it on vinyl that is back in 1988!

Until about a month ago when me and my daughter Lexie were hanging out and checking out local Pawn Shops and Bam….there it was!  OU812 on vinyl!

Never have seen it ever on vinyl and it was an easy peasey quick grab!

Man my mind was blown when I flipped the cover over and realized there are no song titles on the back cover anywhere!

The pic above is all the info you’re getting on the back cover!

Speaking of the back cover  that’s the work of  Hugo Rheinhold‘s statuette Affe mit Schädel

You can click the link above and read all about Hugo and the whole Darwin like vibe that was going down at the time back around 1893!

The picture of the back cover of the OU812 was taken by Stuart Watson.

When Sammy and Eddie were on the radio show Rockline at the time plugging this record someone asked about the whole Darwin thing on the back cover. I think Sam said something to the effect of “Ask Alex!” amidst laughter!

Who knows for sure but for myself there were no albums that came out in 1988 that didn’t have any of the songs listed on the back cover!

Kudos to Halen for if you were one of the smart ones back in 88 to have purchased OU812 on vinyl. You basically  bought it on the marquee name alone!

32 thoughts on “Back Covers: Van Halen: OU812 (1988)”

    1. Never knew they issued Balance on VINYL. With it being a Fairbairn production it will sound good! No doubt about that!
      f.u.c.k as well had no idea but the bass sounds muddy still a good one though ..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. 5150 sounds real good after all these years on vinyl.
      How about AVH’s drums man..Get Up is wicked man…so good!
      Hagar sounds like he’s about to loose a tonsil on that tune when Ed goes into the solo..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nice!
        I like hearing that kind of stuff of when people still can recall what this album was or song was in the pecking order of Rock so to speak!


      1. I was talking to a student in my communications class the other day (they’d made a billboard design without naming the product on the sign) – and I brought up the beatles’ rubber soul, an album where they didn’t even put their name on it. They were confident people would know it was them based on the photo (and were right!).
        So I imagine VH had some similar confidence, it says VH, doesn’t matter what the track names are, you should just buy it!

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    1. HAHAHA…tell us how your really feel!
      AFU Naturalllllllllly Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiired!
      Crazy thing is this is probably my fav Van Hagar album over time…
      But I get where your coming from!

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      1. I like the album as well. But when you get used to titles like Panama, Top Jimmy, Running With The Devil, Hot For Teacher and then you get Mine All Mine, When It’s Love, Source of Infection, Feels So Good, Black and Blue and Sucker in a 3 Piece. See what I mean.

        Finish What Ya Started, A.F.U. (Naturally Wired) and Cabo Wabo are cool titles.

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