Peter Criss on the Drums!

So with Stanley and Simmons plugging there soon to be Farewell Tour with no dates announced and now adding that they will play at least 25 songs on a tour that hasn’t been announced is ridiculous at best! 

But that’s how those two guys have always rolled. Hype Hype Hype and people will Lick it Up … I meant lap it up as many of us in the past have bought into this Ponzi Scheme ….no I meant KISS Scheme!

Is it actually a Farewell? Well of course they said a 3 year Farewell Tour which covers the bases as you know if Mean Gene and Paulie said a one year tour you know they would be bullshitting…..

Hey they can bullshit all they want and I will read it all and giggle and join them along for the ride. Why not as they have been a huge part of my Musical  D.N.A for the last 40 years!

That’s saying something…

Still man there’s a part of me that wishes the band known as KISS could end as they started and that’s with Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. But we all know that ain’t happening as Criss is pushing 72 and Ace knows people would want to see him in makeup  and will play hard ball(Concert Promoters) but who knows as it all boils down to Money!

I will say that this past week with Frehley canning his solo band when one of the member of Ace’s band whose wife died at the same time as Ace fired him is one of the worst  moves anyone could ever make. It’s sad as I always thought that Space Ace always took the high road with stuff but Ace is almost 70 so you know by him hanging out lately with Gene money is probably part of the equation.

Ace fires his band and then hire’s Gene’s current backing band on Simmons recent solo shows. Do you think Ace thought of that?

Mikey Ladano told me that Ace did it as Gene’s guys are cheaper to pay and I agree. I think Ace saying that his own  band wasn’t as good as Gene’s guys is a joke.  Watch Youtube clips of Frehley from the last year man. Is it his band that is the problem?

Whatever. Ace has a new record that came out yesterday and I’ll file it under ‘Who Cares’ Some will no doubt love it but not me. If you buy it and think its the best record ever. Good on ya!

Ace of course is making the press rounds plugging his new record and talking about his side of things which if it makes him feel better about it. Than  more power to ya Ace!

Give me 1978 Ace when he was all pickled up on party treats  for years blazing out wicked riffs and songs.  Thats Space Ace to me!


The guy that has risen above all this garbage is Peter Criss who I have to say I have the most respect for currently. Criss shut it down last year playing live and what not. Has kept his head low. Has said nothing and has just chilled out!

Check out the video I posted of Criss jamming(at the top of the page) with some people who I have no idea who they are or what the deal is. I will   go on record and say I would rather pay admission at the bar door and check out that dude singing ‘Strutter’ jamming with the CATMAN than loading Gene and Pauls pockets yet again with more dough!

It’s Brilliant! Look at Peter play Strutter the way it was supposed to be played! A simple straight forward beat.  Frigg I miss this guy!

That Lead Singer is just having fun (flapping his arms around like a fish out of water) and pulls off a decent  lead vocal!

So  whenever this tour gets going maybe Peter will hop up on the kit one last time for some numbers but then again maybe he doesn’t want anything to do with those guys anymore.

Can ya blame him?  But Money does talk …..

The guy that has taken a ton of cheap shots from those KISS Guys has taken the high road and for that …

All Hail Peter Criss!


23 thoughts on “Peter Criss on the Drums!”

    1. Thanks man…
      I think a lot of us are tired of these social stunts…
      On one hand you have Van Halen who go absolutely silent while on the other hand you have KISS who won’t shut the fuck up! haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Since Pete isn’t doing much these days, he can guest on your bands comeback album.

        I’ll take a signed test pressing and a cassette (unless 1537 and Mikey have dibs on of those.)


        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jeff…
      I’m thinking there’s some backdoor stuff dealings to make the show feature Criss and Frehley even though everyone is hush hush about it.
      Kinda weird to have Singer up there in Cat makeup than bring out Criss in Cat makeup..
      Who knows and I’m sure the promoters are wanting the originals back as well….
      Smart man by for seeing the actual Farewell Tour!

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  1. Defend the catman I say.

    They always say people get written out of history and I think Gene and Paul have tried to do that with Pete. Like saying stuff, they told him what to play and they secretly recorded other drummers but didn’t tell him about it and blah blah.

    And for Ace, his band should have fired him and got Thayer in to replace him. lol.


  2. Some of my drummer friends disagree with me on this, but I think vintage Peter Criss was unbelievable. There’s no better drummer I’d like to hear playing songs from the first 6 studio albums than young Peter Criss. Yes his timing was inconsistent but it worked for Kiss because it made them rawer and rougher. With Eric Singer they will never have that sort of reckless tempo again.

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    1. Criss is the Man! I’m with you! Even how Singer played Love Gun the other night on Fallon looks ridiculous…I’m kinda tired of these guys and what they are doing currently!


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