Back Covers: Kick Axe-Vices(1984)


Who would have thunk it that Tbone’s back yard in 1984 would be the inspiration for the  Back Cover drawing of the excellent debut slice o vinyl  from Canada’s own Kick Axe.

Course I’m joking about Tbone’s back yard but as goofy as the front cover for this album  is. The back cover is a real slick illustration done by Dario Campanile who makes it look like a barren wasteland.

For those who don’t know the deal that is Kick Axe here’s a short summary. Vices was released in 1984 on Pasha Records in the U.S. Wrote songs for King Kobra and apparently Black Sabbath when Sabbath was rotating lineups quicker than Tbone can holler ‘Scotch!’. Opened for Judas Priest in 84 as well. 1985 released another great record titled Welcome To The Club  toured as well and being the first band ever to play our Community Auditorium back in 1985! 1986 released third album Rock The World which kinda tanked and that was that! Too bad as this debut is excellent! I don’t post vids for this Back Cover series but today the exception is being made! The song Stay On Top is an excellent track from Vices that believe it or not does not have a guitar solo in the song! How many Metal tunes from 1984 can u say that about?  Lead Singer George Criston throws down a very cool vocal..check it out!

The drawing is well done. Simple yet effective and as the 80’s album artwork especially in the form of Metal/Hard Rock albums had to be good to impress our young minds back than(For instance back in 1984 I was 17 years young) as Derek Riggs set the bar very high with those Iron Maiden front and back cover drawings.

Even the band pic’s taken by Sam Emerson fit the bill. Especially the two Gillstrom brothers on the top  far left who dress like they live in a cave by the looks of it from that photo! Brian Gillstrom; Drums and Responsibility as its listed. Haha!

Seriously though it’s a great Back Cover drawing. I also like the fact that they used a quote on the far right from the title track Vices. That line being …

“We all live in our Vices. Were all indulging tonight. It’s just part of this crazy world we like!”

Nuff said!



19 thoughts on “Back Covers: Kick Axe-Vices(1984)”

      1. Its a great rock record! You know the sonics are similar to Metal Health because of the Proffer and Pasha Records connection but I always wondered why Banalli never pooched Criston to front QR when Dubrow got the boot in 86…

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  1. “We’re all indulging tonight. It’s just part of this crazy world we like!” – I’m enjoying catching up on the community posts tonight. It’s definitely a part of this crazy world that I quite like!

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