Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody-Soundtrack(2018)

HEY FOLK’S! Today Queens movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is released here in North America and in what looks like I actually know what I’m doing  around these parts. Here’s my review of the accompanying Soundtrack to coincide with the release of the Movie!

Soundtracks or Greatest Hits have never been my thing as Soundtracks would feature different artists so there would be music that I would continually skip over.

Greatest Hits were just that. The Hits! I would already have the dozen or so songs( original albums) on a Hits filled compilation but then the Suits got smart and  would make the artist/band add a few new tracks as to entice the suckers like me to buy it all over again! Actually that would make a good post someday now that I think about it!

Queen is one of those acts that have had it’s fair share of Greatest Hits albums that have been released throughout the years but now in 2018 comes the movie calling itself Bohemian Rhapsody  and a Soundtrack that you know would be making the rounds to support the film.

1. 20th Century Fox Fanfare 0:25
2. Somebody To Love 4:56
3. Doing All Right… revisited (Performed by Smile) 3:17
4. Keep Yourself Alive (Live At The Rainbow) 3:56
5. Killer Queen 2:59
6. Fat Bottomed Girls (Live In Paris) 4:38
7. Bohemian Rhapsody 5:55
8. Now I’m Here (Live At Hammersmith Odeon) 4:26
9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2:43
10. Love Of My Life (Rock In Rio) 4:29
11. We Will Rock You (Movie Mix) 2:09
12. Another One Bites The Dust 3:35
13. I Want To Break Free 3:43
14. Under Pressure (Performed by Queen & David Bowie) 4:04
15. Who Wants To Live Forever 5:15
16. Bohemian Rhapsody (Live Aid) 2:28
17. Radio Ga Ga (Live Aid) 4:06
18. Ay-Oh (Live Aid) 0:41
19. Hammer To Fall (Live Aid) 4:04
20. We Are The Champions (Live Aid) 3:57
21. Don’t Stop Me Now… revisited 3:38
22. The Show Must Go On 4:32

I have to say that this is a Brilliant Greatest Hits set if I have ever seen one! I was taking to fellow Bloggin Pal HMO and he told me that he really dug the sequence of this album. Once I read HMO’S enthusiasm I was onboard and picked this up a day after its official release as I never have bought any of the Greatest Hits sets put out  by Queen…

Brian May even does a remake of the 20th Century Fox Fanfare and right from the start you hear that signature May guitar tone! Check it out as I posted the video below!

The bases are covered here as you get the band before Queen that featured Brian May and Roger Taylor that called itself ‘Smile’ with a track called Doing All Right. What’s interesting about it is you can hear all the time and tempo changes that May and Taylor would take right into Queen a few years later!

All the hits are featured here and why wouldn’t they be! I mean look at that track listing posted! Hit after Hit after Hit after ..you get the drift!

What more can you say about John Deacon’s  fabulous Bass driven mega all time classic ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ that hasn’t been said!

The real selling feature of this soundtrack for me is the lIve material added! What a slick smart move and kudos to the person who thought of that!

Queen scorches thorough live versions of Keep Yourself Alive/Fat Bottomed Girls and Now I’m Here. You hear Freddie Mercury take ownership of that Stage man. Don’t get caught snoozing in the front row or Fred will tune ya up! What a superb vocalist!

The crowd in Rio even sing Love of my Life as well which is brilliant as Queen knew how to take the foot of the gas pedal and still write brilliant songs at a slower clip and keep a guy like me interested!

For many and I would have to be one of those is the  added tracks from Live Aid that are included and no doubt will be a huge selling feature for the diehards as If I read it right that the Live Aid tracks have never been released before.

‘We Are The Champions’ from Live Aid has to be one of the best versions I have ever heard! Freddie’s Vocals/Piano playing as well as Roger/John and Brian just take it over the top sonically!

Live Aid is one of those concerts that you probably remember where you were that day when it was televised throughout the world. I was at my pal John Young’s house and we watched one-act after another take the stage and all of sudden theres Queen and for many (myself included) they stole the show.  Great addition to already fantastic soundtrack!

Live Aid was the first time I had seen Queen in concert via television as I don’t recall any Live Queen VHS shows out at the time. I could be wrong but by there performance here at Live Aid it was already 3 years since they last played North America in 1982 and sadly never again as the Original Four! I only knew Queen put on huge shows by pictures in magazines and the front cover of there ‘Live Killers’ album from 1979.

Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody the soundtrack is a fantastic listen from the early days right through til the time Freddie passed away in November 1991!

I think this Soundtrack may go down as the best compilation I have ever heard!

A fitting Sonic Tribute to a mans Talent and Legacy named Freddie!

‘The Show Must Go On’


17 thoughts on “Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody-Soundtrack(2018)”

    1. Yeah not to sure about this movie as well now. But the Soundtrack is excellent especially as I mentioned I had never purchased any Greatest Hits by these guys up til this point!


  1. So, pretty decent, then? Ha! I tell you what, though, you guys have got me thinking I need to hear this… at the very least I’m gonna give this a listen.


  2. Yep agreed 100% on all this. HMO was right and so are you. Sequencing is great…Live Aid stuff is a treat…but I hope they release the rest of the Live Aid set. Maybe on a deluxe edition. Hope hope hope with me Deke.

    Last night I was watching Zeppelin at Live Aid and I turned it off halfway through the first song Rock & Roll. It was just noise. Unlistenable.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Page was blasted and in another time zone at that show! Queen demolished Zep at Live Aid! I still remember looking like Page was drooling at various points of that set! Phil Collins got tossed under the bus for that performance!


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