Cinderella: Authorized Bootleg: Live at the Tokyo Dome(1990)


Cinderella back on New Years Eve 1990 heading into 1991 played the Tokyo Dome and finally back in 2009 a full 19 years after this performance comes the official release ‘Authorized Bootleg’.   Mercury Records released this as part of series of what they called Authorized Bootlegs by other artists as well. 

Cinderella as we all know and love consisted of….

Tom Keifer – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Jeff LaBar – Guitar
Eric Brittingham – Bass
Fred Coury – Drums, Backing Vocals

Cinderella  was plugging their current release at the time  the brilliant Heartbreak Station album and this is how a set list should look like  containing material from  all three of Cinderella’s excellent studio albums! Look at that bad ass set list!

The More Things Change
Push, Push
Back Home Again
Sick For The Cure
Make Your Own Way
Somebody Save Me
Night Songs
One For Rock And Roll
Heartbreak Station
Coming Home
Fallin’ Apart At The Seams
Love’s Got Me Doin’ Time
Don’t Know What You Got (‘Till It’s Gone)
Nobody’s Fool
Gypsy Road
Shake Me
Shelter Me

Man I always have dug Keifer’s  lead vocals as they had a style of their own as well as his guitar playing flinging out lead solo’s along with slide guitar. Toss in some piano playing as Tom wrote pretty much all of Cinderella’s music. A real talented cat that never got his due as people were to focused on fashion at the time. One of my favourite tracks from this album is ‘Back Home Again’ which is an balls out down the road straight ahead rocker that has a real slick hard rock chorus. Think of  AC/DC and Cinderella in a mash-up!

The bands were no slouches on their instruments as well and it was great to see Fred Coury get his due on this album. From opener ‘The More Things Change’ to set closer ‘Shelter Me’ and all points in between Fred slams down beat after beat in not skipping a beat! Fred pushes the drums in ‘Fallin Apart At The Seams’ which segues right into his drum solo during the fantastic Love’s Got Me Doin Time’.  

This is a raw sounding live album with no fix ups in the studio as at times one of the guitars keeps glitching somewhat  which makes it more authentic if anything. I mean live should be live right??!

Heartbreak Station (the studio album) was a record ahead of its time as a lot of bands at that time were doing the same ol same ol. Cinderella looking back at all four of their studio releases never made the same record twice. Lot’s of bands from the genre cannot say that!

All in all a worthwhile addition to a band firing on all four cylinders at the time  and this album just proves that theory without a doubt!

19 thoughts on “Cinderella: Authorized Bootleg: Live at the Tokyo Dome(1990)”

      1. I saw Keifer a few years ago when he cruised into town and played and man he did a crushing version of Purple Rain! Dude has mega talent!
        Slaughter yeah seen em open for Ozzy in 92 and after the first song off came his T shirt…too high ptiched singing by Mark Slaughter.
        I did like the debut album from them for the most part and bought the follow up Wild Life but I aborted the Slaughter Ship after that…

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