The Rolling Stones: Voodoo Lounge-Uncut(2018)


Yup make that two live Rolling Stones live shows from years past released within a few months.The first being the Stones No Security: San Jose 1999 which is a great listen and I reviewed it a few months back upon its release this past June!

Now just recently released is Voodoo Lounge: Uncut from Miami. This show was recorded back in 1994 and was an  MASSIVE  Stadium show that still goes down as my all time favourite stadium experiences! So good that I caught this tour twice in both Toronto and Minneapolis!

Since 1994 I always wondered why the Stones ignored releasing this tour as the Stones have released a fair share of live recordings in the last few years but have snubbed the Voodoo Tour from 94!


Voodoo Lounge: Uncut is the full 28 song show from Miami! The Stones like they always do deliver the goods live and I’m always up for a good batch of sloppy guitar rock between Ronnie Wood and Keef! Now when I say Sloppy I mean that in a good way. Ronnie and Keef no one ever talks about there guitar interplay and how they play off of each other! So fantastic actually…

I have to say that I have enjoyed the Stones 1990’s studio album output as the two records that came out(‘Voodoo Lounge’ and ‘Bridges to Babylon’) hold their own as far as I’m concerned especially Voodoo Lounge which I’m a little more partial too as this was the tour I caught em on. 

Sparks Will Fly/You Got Me Rocking/I Go Wild and The Worst are the four tracks featured from the Voodoo Lounge album. Why on earth is the fantastic Mick Jagger harmonica driven Love Is Strong not included here in any way shape or form is bizarre. Such a strong single and song period! Pretty much my only gripe (Other than Whoppi Goldberg opening introduction for the really?) that this track was omitted. Maybe they ditched it that night ..who knows!

For that blunder I have to say adding Rocks/Beast of Burden/Street Fighting Man makes up for the omission of Love is Strong. But I get it the Stones have a deep catalogue as Satisfaction is the 8th track played which shows you the strength of the Stones material and not keeping this track til the encore! Keeps people guessing as well!

The Miami show also features special guest appearances by Sheryl Crow, Robert Cray and Bo Diddley.

All in all for me a great addition and it was at an affordable price as iTunes had it listed for $11 which not only included the 28 song show but 3 additional Live Video tracks as well!

The Stones know how to deliver it in packaging …

Great release!


16 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones: Voodoo Lounge-Uncut(2018)”

  1. Love Is Strong was the first Rolling Stones track I fell in love with. Amazing track. And Voodoo is one of my favourite Stones albums… So…

    I’ll need to investigate this one. I didn’t get to see them until a few years later (99), but they were on fire in the 90s and the addition of the Voodoo Lounge tunes here is a big draw for me.

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