Greatest Guest Post’s: Destroyer of Harmony

With it being December comes of course Christmas but along with it comes ‘Best of’ Lists! I thought it would be fun for the next few weeks to feature some written posts by my fellow Blog N Pals and feature their superb writings  that are favourites of mine! So please click the links posted for the posts/read and support them by clicking the follow button on their page  as there are so many great reads out there in Blogsville…

I haven’t told any of these Bloggers that I’m posting there fine words but I am!

At the end of the month I will post My Top Studio and Live releases of 2018! Drum Roll Please….

For this post were headed to Australia where Peter lives and writes with which I would easily say is my favourite named Blog that being ‘Destroyer of Harmony’.  Peter writes a lot of  excellent posts on all things music (along with other life related stories as well) related of course but one of my favourite posts was when Peter talked about what it was like hunting for music now and back than growing up outside of Sydney!

Please Click The Link and Read….

Utopia Records

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