Greatest Guest Post’s: Keeps Me Alive: James Kayln and Mr Books

Keeps Me Alive is a Blog that is run by both Aaron (Mr Books) and James. I think they have been running Keeps Me Alive for about 20 years! ( James lives in Saskatchewan and Aaron is in Ontario)I could be wrong but I think I’m close! They are both fantastic writers and just plain good ol fashioned Canucks! Once again Click the link and follow these guys! It’s truly some amazing stuff ….

For this post I went with James and his excellent review of when Jack White rolled into his hometown recently. Whats truly amazing about this piece is that James did it on memory! No Cell phone/ No Cheating! Click the lInk below and read on…

For Mr Books I went with his huge ball of enthusiasm when he documented minute by minute/word for word the time he went and  seen the Mighty Iron Maiden  for the first time!



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