Greatest Guest Post’s: 1001 Albums In 10 Years

1001 Albums In 10 Years is a fabulous written blog that is run by Geoff Stephen. Geoff every Sunday posts a Quiz on WordPress on an artist/band and it’s a good mind scratcher at times as I don’t have any idea but it’s still ok at my age to learn about new artists!  To be Fair to Geoff he does feature Metal Acts in his quiz along with Hip Hop/Rap/Country you name it it’s there..

For this Guest Post I wanted you all to see how Geoff incorporates the use of Graphs in his reviews. It’s amazing really as I’m still trying to figure out Spell Check after 5 years on WordPress! HAHA!

If you’re wondering where Geoff lives here’s my quiz for ya! A song real famous here in Canada by a band that’s career was cut short Tragically! Do you recognize this opening line or the band name for that matter?

They shot a movie once in my home town
Every body was in it from miles around
Out at the speedway some kinda Elvis thing
Well I ain’t no movie star but I can get behind anything

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9 thoughts on “Greatest Guest Post’s: 1001 Albums In 10 Years”

  1. There’s now a commemorative stone down in Market Square with those very words!
    Cheers Deke, I appreciate the kind words.
    And I quite appreciate that you’re verbalizing the positive about community (COMMUNITY!) blogs all this month!

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