Greatest Guest Post’s: 2loud2oldmusic

Well this is my last Guest Post for this month as I’m taking a wee break! Actually I basically took this whole month off as I let Blog Nation take over and I hope you all dug these Post’s! Next December I will feature a batch of other Blogger’s posts so stay tuned! 

I hope everyone has a Merry  Christmas and as always Thanks for reading!

Hailing from North Carolina is the fantastic Blog ‘2loud2oldmusic’ written by John T Snow. John’s site is one of my early am go to’s before I start my day off especially on Fridays as he always posts what the new releases of the week are. Sometime’s new stuff comes out that I have no idea about but thanks to John he’s covering all bases!

John as well goes beyond and above, that extra mile as when he   reviews an album or song sometimes he ranks a bands whole catalogue from ‘Worst to First’. 

For John’s entry I went with RATT…Check it out and Follow Mr Snow!

Ratt – The Albums Ranked Worst to First


23 thoughts on “Greatest Guest Post’s: 2loud2oldmusic”

    1. Thanks John. It’s been fun posting all these different blogs and featuring the excellent writing of everyone. Next December I will do another round of everyone I missed this year…
      Fret Not December 27th I post my Top 10 Studio albums of 2018 followed by my Top 10 Live albums of 2018 a few days after..the 29th I think…
      January its back to normal around here….

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      1. Nice..look forward to your lists…
        Back in the early to mid 80’s I always bought Creems Readers Poll results which was always a great read as David Lee Roth for about 5 years running won the Most Pathetic Award as well as Best Frontman..haha best of Both worlds I think Roth said at one time..

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      2. Creems 1983 Poll Results…

        Top Group: 1) Def Leppard 2) Police 3) Van Halen 4) Duran Duran
        Top Live Group: 1) Def Leppard 2) Police 3) Van Halen 4) Quiet Riot
        Best Male Singer: 1) Joe Elliott 2) Robert Plant 3) Sting
        Best Female Singer: 1) Pat Benatar 2) Stevie Nicks 3) Joan Jett
        Best New Group: 1) Quiet Riot 2) Big Country 3) Fastway
        Worst Group: 1) Culture Club 2) Van Halen 3) Journey
        Best R&B Singer: 1) Mick Jagger 2) Michael Jackson 3) Prince
        Best R&B Group: 1) Rolling Stones 2) Gap Band 3) J. Geils Band
        Most Valuable Player: 1) Eddie Van Halen 2) Sting 3) Pete Townshend
        Best Guitarist: 1) Eddie Van Halen 2) Steve Clark 3) Andy Summers
        Best Keyboard: 1) Nick Rhodes 2) Jonathan Caine 3) Geoff Downes
        Best Bassist: 1) Rick Savage 2) Sting 3) John Taylor
        Best Drummer: 1) Rick Allen 2) Stewart Copeland 3) Neal Peart
        Best Horn Player 1) Clarence Clemmons 2) Rindy Ross 3) Greg Ham
        Best Producer: 1) Robert John “Mutt” Lange 2) Steve Lillywhite 3) Dave Edmunds
        Best Songwriter: 1) Sting 2) Joe Elliott 3) Jagger/Richards
        Disappointment: 1) Undercover 2) David Lee Roth 3) Duran Duran
        Hero/Heroine Of Year: 1) David Bowie 2) Joe Elliott 3) Pat Benatar
        Comeback Of Year: 1) David Lee Roth 2) Kiss 3) Robert Plant
        Most Pathetic: 1) Boy George 2) David Lee Roth 3) Ozzy Osbourne
        Rip-off: 1) Record/Tape Prices 2) Concert prices 3) CREEM
        Critic: 1) Rick Johnson 2) J. Kordosh 3) Robert Christgau
        Rock Photographer: 1) Lynn Goldsmith 2) Neil Zlozower 3) Mark Weiss
        Fad: 1) Flashdance fashions 2) MTV 3) Union Jack shirts
        Album Cover: 1) Def Leppard-Pyromania 2) Police – Synchronicity 3) Iron Maiden – Piece Of Mind
        Fashion Plate: 1) Boy George 2) David Lee Roth 3) Duran Duran
        Best Tour: 1) Police 2) Def Leppard 3) David Bowie
        Sex Object: 1) Joe Elliott 2) Sting 3) Boy George
        Best Rock&Roll Movie: 1) Risky Business 2) Flashdance 3) Let’s Spend The Night Together
        TV Show Of Year: 1) Cheers 2) Dynasty 3) Friday Night Videos
        Couple Of The Year: 1) Eddie Van Halen/Valerie Bertinelli 2) Billy Joel/Christie Brinkley 3)Slim Jim Phantom & Britt Eklund
        Punk Of The Year: 1) Billy Idol 2) Wendy O. Williams 3) Joe Strummer
        Street Phrase Of Year: 1) Fuck you 2) Fuck off and die! 3) Hey dude! 4) Fer shur

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      3. 1983 was a huge year for Leppard so u can see why they dominated the polls…They were everywhere ..Circus Magazine/Hit Parader they were always on the cover…..

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    1. It’s one of life’s mystery that why in the year of 1990 when this stuff was selling this album tanked by RATT standards!!
      Too bad some real solid material and a total upgrade over the previous Reach for the Sky album…

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