Reviews of the first Three BulletBoys Album In One Sentence!



A little ways back  at ‘Destroyer of Harmony’s’ site. Peter posted a review on this old past its due date band called “Wildside” which he reacquainted himself with a listen and jotted down some words on them sounding generic but in a good way….

Anyhoo…. In the comments we had a little discussion about other bands kinda ripping  off another bands deal…

Here’s the ‘comments’ check it out..

  • deKE


    I think I read about these guys(Wildside) in Metal Edge magazine back in 1992 maybe before that. There were so many bands coming out it was ridiculous! Haha..
    Course in 92 was a shift in the musical climate as well!
    Cool that you reacquainted yourself with Wildside…
    Take a walk on the Wildside! haha

  • destroyerofharmony


    To be honest the reason why I picked the band cassette was because of the nod to a Motley Crue song. And I was surprised.

    But you are right, so many bands coming out with the same sound and the same lyrical themes.

    Roxy Blue comes to mind. They had a Geffen deal and I remember seeing their album advertised on the same flyer with Nirvana, Galactic Cowboys and Sonic Youth.

  • deKE


    Yup Roxy Blue man they kinda bugged me with the whole Halen look…I kind of got tired of these knock off Halen type bands…
    Having said that the first Bulletboys album I dug the second not so much and third I didn’t bother with…haha
    Hows that for a review?

  • destroyerofharmony


    Brilliant review on Bullet Boys and I don’t dispute it all because it’s spot on.

  • deKE


    hahaha..thanks..I may do post on this actual conversation at some point! 


25 thoughts on “Reviews of the first Three BulletBoys Album In One Sentence!”

  1. The English language is the best.

    I dug it to I didn’t bother with it sums it all up.

    But man, how can some bands fuck it up so bad. They came out the same time as Extreme and Warrant, but different roads they all walked.

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    1. Exactly. I bought into the whole Halen thing they were doing on the debut. Funny that when the the debut BB came out in 88 it was exactly 10 years earlier that the VH debut came out..
      Same label/same producer/singer with blond hair all neatly packed in an under 40 minute album.. I bought what they were selling as the songs were good…
      The followup I dunno the cover tune was good but I just couldn’t get into it…My brother bought Zsa Zsa and yeah…..

      Your right also the English Language is the best hahaha…
      Your comparison of the 3 bands would be an interesting post in itself…Don’t know if I could hammer that out in one sentence though…haha

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    1. BulletBoys in 88 were doing Halen as Halen were a different beast at that time..
      Knowing that I still bought into it…
      Liked the rawness and live sound of the debut..

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