Aerosmith: Philadelphia/Tower Theater- March 26th 1978


“C’mon Philadelphia what the Fucks the matter with you? Get up Motherfucker’- Steven Tyler talking to the crowd before “Big Ten Inch Record’

‘You Fucking stiffs down in the front. C’mon will ya. Whats your Mama gonna think when she hear’s you on the radio?- Steven Tyler addressing the front row during ‘Same Old Song and Dance’

When one thinks of excellent Live albums that are actually left alone as Live Albums look no further than Aerosmith’s ‘Live Bootleg’ which many including myself consider it the Ultimate Live Release!

A little ways back I was commenting on Mikey Ladano’s  blog about not only is  Live Bootleg a phenomenal album but another Boot from Aero from 1986 titled ‘Done Live With Mirrors’  which is another fantastic live album that I reviewed as well…


One other Aero Bootleg that I had that kinda slipped my mind is an Aero show from Philadelphia from March of 1978 which is another Radio Broadcast but there is no commercial breaks or interruptions and man I tell ya Aerosmith is on fire…..

UNEDITED as well!

I mean check out the set list below… Is that a Juggernaut of AeroRock or what?


Originally broadcast on WYSP-FM in Philadelphia

01. Intro  01:34
02. Rats In The Cellar  03:38
03. I Wanna Know Why  03:00
04. Big Ten Inch Record  03:37
05. Walk This Way  04:05
06. Sight For Sore Eyes  03:41
07. Seasons Of Wither  05:26
08. Sweet Emotion  05:01
09. Lord Of The Thighs  07:21
10. Kings & Queens  05:15
11. Chip Away The Stone  04:06
12. Get The Lead Out  03:18
13. Get It Up  04:00
14. Draw The Line  04:37
15. Same Old Song And Dance  05:00
16. Toys In The Attic  05:14
17. Milk Cow Blues  05:30
18. Train Kept A’ Rollin’  04:22
Total Running Time : 01:18.55
The AeroDudes circa 78!

Steven Tyler – Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion

Joe Perry – Guitar (Right)
Brad Whitford – Guitar (Left)
Tom Hamilton – Bass
Joey Kramer – Drums
Mark Radice – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Now if you quickly look at that set list you might be wondering where is Dream On?  Dunno maybe it was edited out or maybe they skipped it that night which would be hard to believe but with AeroDrugs floating around at the time who knows what was going down back than….

For all the stories of Aero being totally fucked up which I’m sure they were they always pulled it together for the Radio Broadcast Shows. This Philly one is no exception.
The band hits the stage to the strains of a prerecorded Psycho /Jaws Theme and are off and running with a one two punch of Rats In The Cellar/I Wanna Know Why.
Walk This Way the biggie Aero Track at the time (radio wise)  which is the 5th track played shows you how many classic tracks the boys in Aerosmith had accumulated in less than 5 years of a recording act!
Eight of the songs featured on this broadcast are songs that didn’t end up on the official Live Bootleg release that same year in 78!
Perry/Whitford are like two grizzled guitar slinging patrons of the Lone Star Saloon! They are locked in and you know it’s live when the guitars come a little unhinged during Same Old Song And Dance. Being the pro’s they are Joe and Brad get the AeroBus on track!
Touring in support of 1977’s Draw The Line album has Aero playing 6 tracks from their current release at that time. Whitford deals out a brilliant solo on I Wanna Know Why while Perry plays some wicked slide on the classic title track from Draw The Line.
This is one brilliant release and if you can’t track a copy down it’s all on Youtube. Just click Aerosmith Philadelphia March 78 and Bam the whole show is there!
Also of note Aerosmith returned a few months later to Philly in November/78 and the show was cut short as someone hit Tyler in the head (during Sight For Sore Eyes)with a bottle and the show was done after 6 songs…Check out the audio below…

Aero did not return to Philly until 1983 after this incident perhaps it was someone Tyler was yelling at in the front row  at the March show who clunked Tyler in the head with the bottle at the November show??


38 thoughts on “Aerosmith: Philadelphia/Tower Theater- March 26th 1978”

  1. I don’t know a whole lot of Aerosmith, but I know most of the tunes in that set! But, aye, this sounds pretty excellent, Deke… the radio broadcast chest must be rich with great shows.

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  2. Concerts in the 70s and early 80s were dangerous. Saw plenty of people (and musicians) get jacked up. Cool setlist. Last time I saw them, they opened w Rats, which was killer. Nice post. Rock on!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I was listening to Rocks this morning, I took a photo’s of my Aerosmith LP and CD collection for a blog post and when I come to WordPress, there is an Aerosmith article.

    Great review and after reading some of the comments, I totally agree that concerts did become dangerous, as fans never knew what state the acts would be in.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aero was a dangerous act! Than Sobriety and MTV took over! Speaking of Rocks I just received it in the mail today from Amazon!
      HAHA…tons of Aero stuff floating about today!

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      1. Wow interesting….Mind u Pump isa bonafide classic!
        I had tickets to see them in Duluth with Nugent opening back in 86 but they cancelled a month away from the actual show date if my memory is correct….
        Thinking Rehab!

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      2. After that I caught Em twice on the Pump Tour. Twice on the Get A Grip Tour. Once on the Nine Lives Tour. Once on the Just Push Play Tour and Once on the co headline tour with KISS back in 2003!
        My sister is going to see one of there Vegas shows so I will get her to review it like when she reviewed Leppard/Poison/Tesla from a few years back!

        Liked by 2 people

      3. True! Thats why some of them are still around! Kiss-Aero-VH and how about even the Who? I mean those old sods Pete and Ron cannot pack it in! haha
        My genre growing up which as the 80’s its good to see Maiden- Leppard still doing it…

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