Kim Mitchell: Rockland(1989)


Pretty happy with this album score! Rockland blew into the Record Shops back in 1989 and Kim Mitchell  was selling mega units of all his records at the time. Why not as they were all fantastic releases!

Rockland though shows a different kinda side of Mitchell. A little more older chill like vibe with some of the albums Ten Tracks and kinda a smart move for Kim at the time.

Funny thing though at the time when I scooped this back in 89 on C.D I played it. Liked it but when it came to Rockland which was Kim’s third solo album I was comparing Rockland way to much to  1986’s Shakin Like A Human Being to 1982’s self titled Guitar Extravaganza E.P and 1984’s Akimbo Alogo record.

Kinda unfair I suppose but here we are 30 years later** and what can I tell ya all now. Just like how when I reacquired myself with the ‘Shakin’ record from Kim’s catalogue last year this year it’s Rockland!

Course everyone in Canada still hears the tunes ‘Rocklandwonderland’ and ‘Rock N Roll Duty’ which are Kim radio staples still to this day and in his live show ! Rocklandwonderland features a real slick groove which has some great backing vocals courtesy of Kim’s long-time side kick Peter Fredette along with some ass kicking Strat guitar work from the man himself Kim especially on Rock N Roll Duty! I posted a live clip below of Kim and Band playing the title track in front of a bunch of Canadian Drunks!

But when you dig sonically deeper in Rockland the albums other seven tracks are definitely worth exploring. Second song in titled Lost Lovers Found has Kim lifting his foot off the gas pedal and taking it easy and perhaps maybe looking for a hit perhaps at the time!

Rockland is almost an introspective album at the time. Kim as he always does writes all the music while all the lyrics were handled by Pye Dubois. Relationship songs abound on this album. ‘Tangle of Love/Mood Street/The Crossroads/O Mercy Louise and The Great Embrace’ all tell the tale of relationships gone good or bad!

Now don’t think for a second that Rockland is a mellow affair. It isn’t as Kim as he always does lays down the law with some fine axemanship on this record. Akimbo tosses down some slick picking while chomping down on some power riffs throughout.

Rik Emmett makes a special guest appearance  and plays some slick classical guitar on the fantastic ‘Expedition Sailor’ which combines both Emmett and Mitchell’s talents on the six string!

I have to add the drum work of Lou Molino  is simply amazing. Lou’s drums sound real slick on this record. Crisp courtesy of the production by Kim himself. Molino tosses in some tempo changes which just keeps the songs themselves interesting from the get go!

Rockland was a great revisit and it was one of those finds that once I seen it on the shelf at the local pawn shop it was a quick grab!

**- That’s the 80’s for ya as Rockland was recorded in Five different studios! 

23 thoughts on “Kim Mitchell: Rockland(1989)”

      1. I looked up Kim on Spotify… they have Akimbo and Shakin’ on there, so I’ll give them a listen. The Party is on there, too… so I’ll dig into them tomorrow, I think.

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      2. Had to give it another wee listen, as I wasn’t sure of the names… but aye, that’s a great one. It reminded me a little of Joe Walsh (who I like a whole lot).

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      3. I listened to Shakin’ Like a Human Being yesterday… I didn’t like that one as much as Akimbo Alogo. That’s not to say it isn’t a good album, right enough.

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      4. Agreed but opener Get Lucky has that ZZ 80’S Synth stomped all over it… a little more refined less rocking than Akimbo…
        Real glad your checking this stuff out man…thats awesome…
        Meant to tell u if u want to hear some wicked Rik Emmett(Triumph) see if the US Festival is on Apple…some of the best of Rik Right there..

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      5. You know me – I like to check out as much stuff as I can and some of that Mitchell stuff really appealed to me.

        I’ll have a shifty for Emmett, too.

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  1. I actually have a Max Webster album…still haven’t heard it though. It was in this big box of vinyl from so long ago. I do need to check it out one day as you do like your Kim Mitchell.


  2. I guess you saw on facebook how I scored a copy of this too recently. I’ve always enjoyed the singles from it but this was the first time I got to listen to the whole thing. Really dug it. KEE to Bala has changed a lick since ’89!

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