Rival Sons: Feral Roots(2019)

Isn’t it great that in this day and age a band can put a new  album  that can still make your brain melt with a hard swift kick in the ass of Heavy Distorted Fuzz  Guitar Rock aided and abided by slamming pound of drums throughout!

Look no further Friends then Rival Sons latest sonic masterpiece of Rock titled Feral Roots that just hit the ground running on January 25th 2019!

11 Tracks that show the Son’s making each song stand on its own merit!

1. Do Your Worst
2. Sugar on the Bone
3. Back in the Woods
4. Look Away
5. Feral Roots
6. Too Bad
7. Stood By Me
8. Imperial Joy
9. All Directions
10. End of Forever
11. Shooting Stars

When I preordered  Feral Roots on iTunes 4 Songs dropped straight to my iPod for my listening  pleasure. Too be totally honest I usually don’t take too much stock in it as I prefer to hear the album in its entirety upon first listen not just 4 tracks if you get my drift as I’m old school that way….

Opener Do Your Worst was one of those tracks and if you have been listening to rock radio in any format I’m sure you have heard this tune which in this day and age  is a good thing as at least local shit radio here in Tbay has jumped onboard and has been playing the heck out of it! So I will give Local Shit Radio credit for that! Do Your Worst sets the table for the next 10 songs as it lets us all know that the Sons are back and in fine form….

Back To The Woods is without a doubt a brilliant throwback sound of the 70’s as Micheal Miley’s drums just drive the song while in between the break of Miley’s mashing of his kit. Vocalist Jay Buchanan hits those high notes like no ones business.

Kudos must be given to Producer Dave Cobb who keeps the studio sound live as the guitar and drums are jacked up Loud but not to the point of a compression ruining the vibe and flow of the record. Check out Cobbs and The Sons work with the video posted above!

The title track  of the album Feral Roots  is a throwback sound to those old Zeppelin driven acoustic songs from  more than a few decades back that can easily take you the listener on a listening  journey.

Scott Holiday as he always does on albums  jacks up his fuzz distorted guitar rock and just lets loose with riffs of brilliance! Holiday man just listen to the solo in the posted video of Back To The Woods as it sounds like Scotts amps were beyond cranked!

So Good…..

Rival Sons bread and butter lie in their touring which if you follow them in any social format you know they are always touring. So I was amazed that in-between all there tours is that they managed to crank out a new studio record. Props to the work ethic of these talented Cats to keep the wheels moving,

That’s the thing with this album as this album plain rocks and I will go on record and say that upon my first full listen of Feral Roots its apparent in the year 2019 Rival Sons are not mucking about.

Brilliant Album by a Brilliant Band!

Get it!




28 thoughts on “Rival Sons: Feral Roots(2019)”

    1. I can tell u it is a brilliant album. No filler among the 11 tracks. I wasn’t going to review this one for a while but I tell Ya Joe I just couldn’t believe how good this album is. One Gem after another. The performances and songwriting are top notch and the production just kicks it right out the door…
      Hollow Bones I hear what you’re saying….although still good not as strong as the previous 3…
      Album 5 from these guys is right back where u want em!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pressure & Time is my favourite – one of my very favourite rock LPs of the 2000s, so far.

        I’ll keep a look out for a decent priced copy of this one.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Great album Pressure and Time. A good friend of mine caught them in Chicago at a Bar and he said there was no more than a couple of hundred people…
        Brought me back a T shirt from that gig to ease my pain! hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Now that would have been a wicked show! Man I still get little pissed when Ozzy canceled the Sabbath show in Vancouver as I was hoping the Sons would set up shop in a small bar in Vancouver as they did two nights previous in Calgary when Ozzy Sabbath pulled the plug there as well..
        It wasn’t meant to be but hopefully they will do a full Canadian Tour this year!


    1. Drums are cranked!
      Yeah I usually cannot write these reviews this quick but I had to get word out to the street! hahaha…
      Whenever I write a review this quickly I laugh as I recall the time time when Maidens Book of Souls came out the day of its release and the day after it Ladano and Mr Books had already reviewed it with detailed posts! I hadn’t even gotten through it all on one listen and here’s those two yahoo’s off an running ….hahaha

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      1. I think the quickest I have gotten a review out is 2-3 days after it came out…since I don’t get them free from the record companies beforehand. I would put them out the day of if they would send me previews…hint…hint…to any label reading this.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely….it’s only January and I have purchased Skid Row/Rival Sons/Quiet Riot/The Circle/I preordered the new Dream Theater album and also preordered the 35th Anniversary 6 CD edition of Whitesnakes Slide it In!
        Plus add in the vinyls that I picked up ..man oh man and its not even February yet!

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