The Circle: Trust Fund Baby (2019)

How about a Shout Out for The Circle featuring these last names which you all know  Hagar/Bonham/Anthony/Johnson who today dropped a Fantastic Ass Kicking tune titled Trust Fund Baby.

A great throwback late 70’s early 80’s Arena Rock sound that has Guitarist Vic Johnson and Bassist Micheal Anthony locking up and doing some heavy Zep like playing! Then again you got Jason Bonham on the Drums and we know who his Father was!

Sammy Hagar who at the age of 71! Still has his pipes and man this dude does not age!

May 10th the studio album Space Between is released but for now crank up the video I posted of Trust Fund Baby...Simple yet effective Hard Rock done right!


32 thoughts on “The Circle: Trust Fund Baby (2019)”

  1. How many great bands in Bonham in? The guy is a machine. I was just reading about how he almost pulled Miles Kennedy into Led Zep Mark II.

    Hagar is underrated and I kind of get sick of haters to be honest with you, so I’m all for this. The Circlefoot rules.

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      1. I kinda thought the name was funny..but Mikey and Sammy were just fun guys…they say Chickenfoot is on hiatus but man these dudes are not getting younger so who knows..
        Hope Hagar runs with this one for a while .
        this album needs to heard…

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      2. I suppose. It kind of sounded almost Spinal Tap-ish to me. I thought the band was OK, but I never really game them a proper spin. I hope this group speaks to me a little more. I wouldn’t mind having Sammy and Mikey back in the regular rotation!

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      3. The first Chickenfoot album was good…the second did not resonate with me whatsoever…why I have no idea but with a career as long as Sam n Mike’s they are allowed to have a miss!

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    1. Hagar has been around the block multiple time as has Anthony and having your drummer with the last name Bonham these guys will take no heat…they just do what they do and everyone knows that…..but yeah what a great track!
      I’ve been a Hagar fan since 84 and he still keeps on rocking..crazy 71 years old man….

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    1. Geoff I had to google what septuagenarian was! hahaha Yup Hagar is that or as I call it Kicking Ass!
      Thanks for the School lesson in the form of ‘What is another form of dudes in there 70’s!’

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    1. Really? I like the fact that it has a heavy groove at times when the Bass and Guitar lock horns! I’m pretty psyched for this album actually…
      But hey if we agreed on everything our blogs would be dull….haha

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      1. I’m psyched to see what they come up with on the album because generally bands release what they think is their most catchiest song first.

        And your right about Hagar. At 71, he still brings it, a total pro.


    1. The first time I seen Sammy live was back on his VOA tour in 1984. I was hooked and have followed him since…
      Great set of pipes! Still at his age…amazing


      1. I don’t have the VOA album just Hagar Live and Danger Zone (which was my first. I’m losing it) and a bunch of his later CDs. For some reason ’55’ is in my head as the first. I loved ‘Iceman’ from ‘Danger Zone’. If I think about it I first heard him with Montrose. Man am I getting up there. I’m going to bed.
        Bottom line I like the guy. Great review on the show. I loved those smaller arenas and club shows the best. Sammy rocks hard and I need a shot once in a while. I’ll be back next week for another take. Later

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