Rock Candy Magazine: Issue 12 (Feb/March 2019)

Just received in the mail the other day from across the pond  Issue 12 of  Rock Candy Magazine(Led Zeppelin is on the cover). I have reviewed issues in the past and its a fantastic  bi monthly read  which of course features those fantastic writers from Kerrang back in the roaring 80’s!

Check em out on Facebook as well…

Definitely  worth the time and money spent!

9 thoughts on “Rock Candy Magazine: Issue 12 (Feb/March 2019)”

    1. Dude I’m with you. I read Creem/Circus/Hit Parader/Kerrang. Than as the 80’s progressed I bought anything rock related!
      Rock Candy is smart as they make it a bi monthly issue and if u subscribe to it they send u a digital copy as soon as the mag hits the streets in England.
      Mine usually takes two weeks to get here which isn’t bad at all.
      Only music print magazine I own now…

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      1. Yes and it tides u over until the print edition arrives which is usually a few weeks later…
        Smart business model as well!
        Plus the fact that they have featured Triumph in about 5 of the 12 issues is a bonus.
        Triumph never got this kind of press back in the 80’s hahaha

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