KISS: Double Platinum(1978)

1978 was the year I purchased my first ever KISS album.  That was the Double Live KISS ALIVE 2!  The second ever KISS album I ever purchased was Double Platinum in the summer of 1978 as my family was vacationing in Southern Ontario and I spent my money on KISS!

Crazy to think that  a lot of Greatest Hits sets bug me nowadays whereas back in 1978 what a great way to get a mishmash of KISS music up to that point!

Smart marketing move on KISS’s part as listening to the songs that made up Double Platinum  would make you want to rush out and purchase the studio records from which these songs came from.

20 songs/5 per side spread out over Two Records(Double Gatefold) with everything in the packaging looking Platinum.


KISS was so big in 1978 that they didn’t even have to put the names of the songs on the back cover! Ha! There must have been a sticker or something on the front  than again they were so big people were snapping up a ton of KISS released product and also later in 1978 came the 4 solo albums as well!

Looking at this album 31 years later I like the selection of tunes. First song up is Strutter 78. Listening to it now it seems slower than the original  as KISS rerecorded it early in 1978 and supposedly producer Sean Delaney played drums on it. (don’t know if that’s true but with KISS who knows..) Plus what is Paul Stanley going on about at the ending of this tune?

The question has to be asked. Why? Strutter 78 is an older Strutter. Older being more mellow of a recording but upon my listening to it for the first time back in 78 what did I know as a 11-year-old?


I was freshly enlisted in the KISS Army. I drank the Kool Aide KISS was pushing and it’s  funny to think back than with all the KISS product coming out over exposure was not an option but getting anything  I could get my hands on was my only option.

Double Platinum looking at and listening to it again is perhaps the best put together Greatest Hits set that this band ever did as nowadays there are so many KISS comps its to the point of goofiness!

I mean…..

How many friggin times do we need Beth pummelled into our heads? But Beth gets a pass here as this was the first album I owned the studio version of!

But you know  for a snot nosed kid back in the Summer of 1978 (Me) Double Platinum was the perfect addition to my early  KISS Record Collection!


dEke’s Score of Double Platinum: 8.5/10




21 thoughts on “KISS: Double Platinum(1978)”

  1. Cool review Deke

    I like this live version better. Love how at the 0.41 second mark, Paul knocks over the mic. Gene realizes it and growls out something to complete the lyric, while I think is that Ace running to pick up the mic?

    The bast part is that Ace has a couple of rippin solos in this song, so when it comes time I was waiting for Ace to come to the centre or the camera to pan to him…NOPE! The camera is firmly focused on Starchild and Demon while Ace is left to Bop away in the corner. Even in early 1976 the writing was on the wall for poor Ace.

    And for all those saying Peter is a shit drummer, well maybe once the booze and pills caught up with him he lost his stuff a bit, but here – he is on FIRE!

    Love em or hate em, you have to acknowledge KISS changed the landscape of music in the 70s. You were hard pressed to find a better live show as well.

    I know I don’t comment much, but I do read the blog when new stuff is posted. I look forward to reading the KISS album reviews! Good on ya Deke.

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    1. Hey HEFF,
      Thanks so much for reading thats all that matters even if u don’t comment! I was busting Tbones balls a few weeks ago as he has fallen behind in the posts around here..hahaha
      That clip I have seen and it’s a hoot! KISS on fire and going for it. Those camera guys probably had no idea who to film as they had no idea what the fuck was before them..haha
      Your right they did indeed change the landscape of pretty much everything back in the 70’s. They took everything the Glam period had before them and amplified it by 100 per cent…
      Exactly say what u want about Criss but his drums are the only actual live instrument on KISS ALIVE!


    1. For me being young in that era DP was a decent take on KISS that wanted me getting more and more KISS….
      Nowadays all these KISS comps are a joke but DP i have respect for….haha

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